Size Matters Not

This is my grandson, Max, at his Daddy’s birthday party over Labor Day weekend. They have a big outside patio with a big screen tv installed under the deck. (Daddy is an audio designer and installer.) Max was watching a portion of Star Wars Episode V when I happened upon him. The Empire Strikes Back was made in 1980. His Daddy was 8 years old and just barely remembers it himself. Here now is a whole new generation to see Star Wars and who better to tell him about it than his Mamie. This was such an excellent scene, too. Yoda is teaching Luke Skywalker about the Force. Luke has seen Yoda move rocks with the Force, but when Yoda tells Luke to use the Force to raise his battleship from the swamp, Luke says it can’t be done.

Max asked me who Yoda was. I said, “Yoda is the preacher, Max.” Then he asked me what he was doing when he held his hand out and grabbed the air. I told Max that Yoda was praying and to watch what would happen. Let’s all watch what happened. Simply click on the link below.

Size Matters Not

This scene reminds me of an incident I had with a pastor friend I knew when I lived in Harrisburg. He discovered he had leukemia and asked the congregation to pray for him. His 13-year-old daughter, Bethany, asked her Daddy if he thought Jesus could heal leukemia. Pastor David Hess told her, “Yes, leukemia is no harder for God than the common cold. They are the same to Him. Nothing is too big or too hard for God.” It’s been almost 2 decades and Pastor Dave is still alive today. To read about Pastor Dave’s miraculous life you can buy the book here.

God will do what God will do. He is the potter. No situation is beyond Him. We can be assured of that. We must believe that He is with us whatever happens and in an instant He can change things. We must not despair, but always give thanks.

Walking with Him today and every day,



6 comments on “Size Matters Not

  1. “God will do what God will do.” I love that statement, Dawn! God is who He is. I am that I am. These statements have such finality and force to them, yet, there is a security and safety thing that wraps around me when I read them. To know that He cannot go against who He is, will always do what is best, always keeps His promises, can do anything anytime, anywhere. On my part, it just takes getting to know Who He is, what He wants to do, knowing the end plan, and again, stepping into the stream and becoming a part of it all. I think it’s so beautiful that you could have this encounter with your grandson. I have a sneakin’ suspicion that he will not not forget that little lesson!!!!

  2. Dear Cora,

    It is so right that you would say “stepping into the stream and becoming a part of it all.” Just a minute ago I was over at your blog site reading the title “Stepping Into the Stream”. I was missing you and YOU WERE HERE! I so love your words so wherever you put them is ok. I just need to find them.

    This was such a special moment for me with Max. Sometimes the Lord just sets things up for a grandmother. I pray not to miss the set-ups. I would like to get Max a Yoda “doll” for his birthday so I never forget to talk to him again and again about having faith.

    Good night, Dear Cora,

  3. Dear Andrea Dawn,

    It is like the game Sorry that I love to play with my littles – first with my own kids and now with the grands, You can be either way ahead in the game or way behind and things just completely change. Life with God is like this. You never know what’s just around the next corner. When things look most hopeless He does His greatest miracles. Perhaps when we simply have to depend on Him, when there is no other way, He seizes the “teachable moment” and His power is unmistakable,

    I am holding onto this for my country’s upcoming election, for learning my new job, for my children’s futures, for any and all things that look hopeless in the natural. He is so good.

    Good morning!

  4. There is nothing too hard for Him… only believe…to believe in the One who can do all things…and then to accept His will.
    a lovely post… Yoda is so cute… I smile everytime I see him!
    Max is so blessed to have such a modern electronical dad! and a faithful loving Gramma! It will be fun to see how God unfolds his days!

  5. To believe that He can do all things and trusting Him when He does not do all the things we think He should THAT is the balance of the committed Christian. You said it so aptly that I got a new vision of it. Hugging Max with Yoda in his arms in my dreams as I drift off to sleep, good-night, Susan

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