Proper Commemoration

Something always bothered me about the 9/11 commemorative ceremonies and the signs that say, “We will never forget.” Please don’t get me wrong, I understand that if we do not know our history, we are bound to repeat it, but I also know that God would not have us dwell on the offenses done to us but would command us to move forward with mercy and grace. I could never get past the confusion in my spirit over 9/11 observances UNTIL I read Craig’s blog on the matter. He says we should always remember 9/11 because






Today we are just 7 weeks from the elections and every minute of the day we need only turn on the news to be reminded of how divided Americans are on nearly every issue. Just 11 years ago, however, this Vietnam-era adult was privy to the most united United States I had ever known. Yes, I remember 9/11. I remember how we loved.

Thank you, Craig, for making this 9/11 so meaningful to me.



4 comments on “Proper Commemoration

  1. Gosh Dawn… you took the words from my heart too! “God would not have us dwell on the offenses done to us but would command us to move forward with mercy and grace.” Imagine if every day God reminded us of how we hurt him with an angry scowl, and if He allowed a bitterness to reek out at every crack….I seem to remember Him saying as he hung on the cross bearing all our sin… “Father forgive them… they know not what they are doing” and of course many would say like they do about 9/11, of course they know what they are doing! I am so glad God looks at the heart, sees our need and covers us with mercy and compassion…We need wisdom and discernment to protect our countries but it should never be wrapped in malice and bitterness. The world looks on and judges because we do not love as Christ did. May His grace help us today with whomever we come upon to be bearers of His good news, not only as hearers of the word but doers also.

    I know you head out filled to the brim with Jesus today. of that I have no doubt, though the enemy might tempt you otherwise, and I thank God for the work He is performing through your blessed life!

  2. Personally, I find it amazing what we DO forget, and what we DO remember, and it seems that it is all the opposite of what we are supposed to do. We never forget the people who hurt us, we never leave behind our resentments, blame, and hurts. And somehow, we forget the little, in-the-present, good things that come our way, the smiles of encouragement that made us take that risky step, and the ones that healed our hurts. 9/11 was a day of hurt, fear, loss, dread, and hate. But as Craig said, somehow we all loved . . . . for a time. The way I see it — love was a good thing and we could pour it out by the buckets full and only good could come of that. We knew that as human beings created with a heart to love. The only other choice would be hatred and revenge — and that would be so big and violent that in that moment of pain, none of us could even find enough of that to be adequate in any measure. I knew I could not kill, but I knew I could love and hug and wrap my arms around anyone who felt lost, afraid, and in a dark place. We all had our stairwells and we crouched there for a time, and those who were there with us were loved and they loved us back.

    I, too, hate the TV right now. I hate the hatred. I hate that in Miami, you cannot feed the homeless on the street and if you do, you will be fined $300. I hate that I can’t speak freely of my beliefs. But I will NEVER forget! And I won’t stop loving.

  3. Susan and Cora,

    This is such a passionate moment in the history of our country. We were violated and we felt that deeply. To forgive a rapist is a BIG forgive. We did well to love on one another. That is what Craig’s post was about. It was not about loving the terrorists. I don’t know about loving the rapists, but God does. He was very clear that we are to love our enemies, do good to those who despitefully use us and offer our other cheek when they slap us the on the first one. I am really torn by these words of Jesus. Ghandi, who used the philosophy Jesus espoused even though he was Hindu, differentiated between those who could be changed by love and those who could not. He said passive resistance and non-violence could only work if your enemy has a conscience. If the enemy is truly evil (without conscience) you must use other tactics. Jesus did not differentiate, did He? I wonder what He would have done if the woman caught in adultery would have gone right back to her lover? He told her to “sin no more”. I know, He would have forgiven her over and over, like He does me. Is the same standard of turning the other cheek used for nations or was Jesus just talking personal relationships? Lots of questions…but Craig’s post on America’s unity after 9/11…THE BEST! I will not forget it!

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