You can’t plan Pentecost

The title of this post is a subtitle in the book by Mark Batterson With a Lion in a Pit on A Snowy Day. When I read this section of the book I couldn’t help but think about the coming elections here in America. There is a choice between two completely different men with two completely different philosophies. Based on those divergent philosophies, they will lead in completely different directions. One of those directions is the right one, in my opinion, but it is not up to me. I am only one among millions. Batterson tells me, I have to trust God. He knows. I do not. In the upper room after the crucifixion, the faithful gathered. He told them to wait for Him. They spent their time praying (what a concept)…and waiting for Him. They simply couldn’t plan what was about to happen. They couldn’t plan Pentecost.

So today I am thankful

#810 that Max Lucado is leading a non-partisan 40-day prayer thrust before the national elections in the USA. I can’t control the hearts of my countrymen.

#811 Jesus reminded me in my husband’s Sunday sermon that people are only powerful if God allows them to be. Jesus said to Pilate, “You would have no power over me had it not been given to you from above.”

#812 He is a good God.

#813 I don’t have to run the whole universe.

#814 He holds the future and He holds my hand.

#815 my husband is a fabulous Bible expositor and I have been privileged to be one of his intimates for almost 43 years.

#816 God wants me to talk to Him.

#817 for the many who helped me raise money for little Rory who has juvenile diabetes and, although I couldn’t walk on his team, people pledged money to me for him anyway!

#818 for all the young adults who are picking up the call to minister where they are. There is so much need and I just can’t do as much anymore, but I see an army of young, strong men and women stepping up to the plate.

#819 that Sharon and Joan are so patient as I learn my new job.

#820 that my children and grandchildren love to visit and hear about the days when there were no cell phones or computers. They are amazed at how a piece of wax paper can make you super-fast on a sliding board or a blade of grass between your thumbs makes a great kazoo. There is great satisfaction when my son says about a day spent with his children, “Mom, you never run out of things to show them or tell them.”

#821 my son loves board games and has passed that love on to his children. We play and play and play.

#822 you can’t plan Pentecost.

With the Multitudes this Monday,



5 comments on “You can’t plan Pentecost

  1. As I read this post today, my first thought was, We can’t plan ANYTHING, can we? Lately, my pastor has been pounding into our hearts what the Bible says about things we can know for sure. And based on these things, we can live without doubts and fears, knowing that the end will have a guaranteed outcome as stated in Scripture. But the when, where, how, etc., we do not know. And so, we are back to the simplicitic notion of faith and trust. We take what we know to be true, and we live out our lives in the light of these truths, knowing that God will work out His plans in His way in His time. It’s hard to make choices when everything on every side seems comprimised, watered down, full of hidden agendas, personal gains, etc. It’s there in everything from personal family things all the way up the ladder to presidential choices. His Word says, “I know the plans I have for you. . . .” Such comfort in those words for me!

    I loved #820. Doesn’t it make you feel really old when you see the awe and amazement on the face of children when the see our “old ways?”

    • Cora!! I found you–I’m so glad. I was starting to worry, when no word in months, and when I check your blog, you have not been writing. I hope you received my email–it may have gotten blocked. Just so, so grateful you’re still here with us. It’s not the same without you! Miss you so, so much, woman. Love you! Will email soon.

  2. Dawn, you were right after me at Ann’s today–I was pleasantly surprised to see that! I’m glad I got the chance to come by and visit you. I love expository preaching–I am wary of the other–I can listen to topical preaching on the gospel, grace, and the attributes of God–soverignty, Father, creator, etc.–I would like to hear your husband! I love the peace I feel in your words here. God is in control. This is what I know, and when I see so many debates and fighting via social media–my heart hurts and I wonder why–is this what the church has come to? We just fight over our “agenda” now–is that what we waste our time on when so many are hurting? The way I view it, we spend all of our time, energy and resources “protecting” ourselves and our rights, when Jesus tells us that whoever keeps his life will lose it. Blessings to you, dear Dawn.

  3. Oh, and I am on a little bit of a blogging/social media hiatus this week–but wanted to visit a few friends–I hope you can stop by the blog to see Emily Wierenga’s guest post there! I’m trying to help get the word out about her book releasing today! Thanks.

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