The cycle of life

Today I had John 21:18 read to me in church.

18 I tell you the truth, when you were younger you dressed yourself and went where you wanted; but when you are old you will stretch out your hands, and someone else will dress you and lead you where you do not want to go.”  (John 21:18; NIV, 1984)

I had just had breakfast with my son and his children and I had 5-year-old Luke sitting on my lap. He was busy coloring as I held him and as he colored I said to him, “You know Luke one day you will be bigger than Mamie and maybe you will be holding me instead of me holding you. One day I will be very old and may need your help and you will be the one holding me.” He shook his head and said, “No, that would never happen.” I said to him, “One day when you are much taller and stronger than I, perhaps you will remember what I am saying to you now.” He smiled.

When you are 5 years old you do not have much say about where you will go or whom you will be with. It occurred to me with the reading of the Scripture that that time may come again for me in adulthood. No one knows, but one day I may be incapable of making my own decisions or doing the simplest things for myself. I may have to rely on others or be forced to do what another wants even though I am able-bodied. Such was Jesus’ prophesy to Peter in this Scripture.

So this Monday I am thankful for

#836 my sons who worked together to provide a chair for their Dadand wouldn’t let me help them bring it to the house because I have a bad back.

#837 bloggers who share simple crafts to do with children. This week I used 2 sites for crafts when my grandchildren visited. One was for baked dough Christmas ornaments which we made. The other was for foil art pictures. We never got to them, but I’m ready!

#838 kind clerks in stores who are truly helpful. You are worth your weight in gold to a harried grandmother!

#839 restoration of that which the locusts have eaten.

#840 people who share their stories in movies, on blogs, in books, through magazines, etc. I’m thinking especially this week of Kisses from Katie and Fully Alive.#841 people who follow God no matter how difficult that following becomes.

#842 widows who faithfully rebuild their lives alone after losing the one with whom they have built their lives up to this point. They are shining lights to me.

#843 Mitt Romney’s great debate with the president this past week. He was firm but gracious, engaged but not overbearing.

#844 healthy grandchildren who are happy and have the zest for life. This picture was on Facebook and someone commented, “Two of the happiest boys I know.” They truly are, and they are mine!

Giving thanks once again with the Multitudes on Monday community over at Ann’s,


6 comments on “The cycle of life

  1. I’m not real fond of the truth of John 21:18. Lord, help me to submit pleasantly, so as not to be abused in my old age. Protect those oldsters who are being abused today, because they are being taken where they do not want to go and they protest. You, Dawn, are wise to plant so many seeds of love into your grandchildren. So blessed to have the opportunity. Thank you for moving me to think out of the box, to build relationship with my so far away grands. Lord, the years run short… Help me find many ways to tell them about you.

  2. Carrie,

    My grandkids are all a 4-hour drive away so I get to see them about monthly. I know your distance is greater, but I know the angst of separation. In this day and age of all kinds of communication it is better than it was in “our Day” and I know you will certainly do your part. You are the original “Reach Out and Touch” lady.

    Blessings as you begin your week,

  3. I have to say Dawn, that I have a hard time seeing you as a “harried” grandmother. You are so good with your grandkids and seem very relaxed and interactive. Love all the family-oriented gratitudes and that you have not shied away from discussing difficult subjects with the little ones. Tastefully, tactfully done without instilling fear in their young hearts . . . “He smiled”.

  4. Dear Andrea Dawn,

    Grandmothering is like a second chance to get one’s interactions with children a bit more “on target” a bit more of the time. “Harried” is my middle name, it seems. I like all things to run as planned and everyone to be happy. This is definitely not possible because I cannot control anyone nor everything. I have come to this reality rather late in life and with that reality comes a wonderful peace and acceptance, but I have a rather well-practiced sense of urgency and a conditioned response to a perceived urgency so I still appear harried much more than I would like. Some pieces of the self die hard. She smiled.


  5. I have come to a place in my life where I ‘think’ I have accepted whatever God will have for me in my old age… believing my life will be there for a purpose no matter how capable or uncapable I may be. I just lost an old friend, a Betty Scully. Her husband of 64 years said she was always his best friend and in the final 4 years of Alzheimers he faithfully cared for her until the doctor said it was time to have some help or he would be hurt himself. Up until her last breath He stood beside her… I saw God’s glory through this love that no healthy bodies could have displayed… All is grace…
    Hug that great little boy for me … he is so sweet!

    • Dear Susan,

      I am with you. I am willing to accept whatever comes. I love this year of grace and where it has taken me.

      It certainly will not be difficult to hug that little boy. He is a real snuggler…just lke his Dad was. It is truly the cycle of life.

      Hugs to you, too,

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