Scavenger Hunt Sunday #49

The Prompts: 1) Water Drops or Water Flowing, 2) Faithfulness, 3) Then and Now, 4) Fingertips, and 5) One Item from the Bucket List. Here are my interpretations. I hope they make you smile.

Water Drops or Water Flowing

  1. My son keeping drops of water at bay as he grills.


    I don’t think there is another living creature as faithful as my dog.


    This picture made me realize how significant the Ashley Sisk Scavenger Hunt is to me.  Without the prompt, fingertips, I would never have thought to take this picture of my husband’s hand. Oh, what a story it tells. I have held this hand 43 years and it has always been there when I needed it. You can see it is rough and dry and has scars. This hand was not idle. It worked tirelessly for God, our family and the many who crossed our paths over the years. This is also the hand that wears the gold ring that symbolizes a commitment that helped us stay in good times and bad. This is also the hand of a good-humored man who stretched it toward me when I said I needed a picture of fingertips for the scavenger hunt…and so, here it is for you.

    Then and Now

    This is my mother in the 1940’s and my mother right now at her 85th birthday this year. I hope I look so good when I am 85!

    From the Bucket List

    Son and granddaughter carve the pumpkin!

    Joyously tripping through fall with Ashley and friends,



12 comments on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday #49

  1. These are good photos! My favourites are the faithful dog and your husband’s hand. Good stories with all of them 🙂 Your mom looks so very well!
    My pumpkins are getting to ready to share their seeds with us… they know we are craving them roasted! And Eduardo has put in an order for pumpkin soup!
    Our rains have also started (our barbecue sits under a porch ) Your son is either very brave or very hungry to sit out in the wet stuff!
    Blessings dear friend~lots of Canadian Thanksgiving blessings

    • I know about roasted pumpkin seeds, but I had forgotten about them until you mentioned it here. We threw ours out! We do, however, have the wonderful scent of roasting chestnuts at work. One of the women brings them in every time she works. Yum!

  2. Oh, your sweet puppy… Waiting.. I felt a surge of several emotions seeing that one! The longing… The anticipation. Ready to move toward the sound at the door. Love your hubbs hand..thinking of all the years it has served our God. When I look at my own I am surprised that I’m now using what look like my moms hands. When did that happen! Love the pics of your mom. Where do the years go! We are rolling through the cycle of life, aren’t we! Great shots, Dawn! So glad you are still making the time to keep up with it. Knowing you’re stuffing your head full of new information every day and must be ecstatically exhausted every evening. Hugs!

  3. You are so empathic, Carrie. You feel when you read what I write, how I feel when I write the words. You also have pinpointed my exhaustion. Thank you, Dear Friend, who is “with me” even though you are a thousand miles away. What a gift you are!

  4. I love the shot of your son grilling in the rain . . . those sausages look so yummy. Love the tribute to your hubby and his hands that have held firm to the plow all these years, whose fingers have entwined with your own as he has walked beside you throughout your marriage. So happy you still have your mom . . . mine is gone 28 years this Tuesday and I am missing her terribly this week. Seems like some times your heart just longs to talk to your mama, Blessings to you and yours as the coming week unfolds new mercies.

  5. Dawn, I am struck by the beauty of your mother and her legacy! Seeing your son and his daughter in the same set of photos with her has given me pause for reflection, as has this entire weekend (after spending time at a women’s retreat). I think about my grandparents and great-grandparents, especially those who came from a different country to settle in a strange land, to give their family a chance at prosperity, and the faith that it took to embark on such a journey! Seeing Russ’s hand, joined to yours in so many years of marriage as I contemplate our upcoming anniversary next Sunday, all made possible by those who have gone before us and by the blessings of our awesome God, has made me so very thankful for what I have right now! The photo of your dear pup waiting for you, seeing that faithfulness, makes me think of the faithfulness of all of my dear ones – family and friends – who have stood by me through thick and thin, when I have been at my worst and at my best, and I know that I am blessed and that my God is with me! Carving pumpkins, grilling (even in the rain) are all simple pleasures that we often take for granted in the busyness of our lives, but knowing that the simple things are the very best! I am so thankful that you have offered this particular scavenger hunt and that I was able to see it! I am so grateful! Blessings!

  6. Great set.
    Water Drops – Now that is dedication to BBQ’ing!
    Faithfulness – He’s so adorable.
    Fingertips – Very touching.
    Then and Now – Your mom looks great.
    Bucket List – Fun times.

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