Scavenger Hunt Sunday #50

Oh my, I woke up and it was Sunday and I had no pictures taken for the Scavenger Hunt soooooo I took my camera to church. I got there early so I had time to stroll around the countryside and snap some pictures. Here’s what I found for 1) pink or orange, 2) portrait without a face, 3) from the top, 4) stacked and 5) cozy. I had to pull one picture from the archives, but the rest are fresh off the press. I hope you love them!

pink or orange

My earliest days were spent on my grandmother’s pig farm. I was out shopping with my sisters yesterday and found this hand puppet in a wonderful kids’ store. I got some gifts for my grandchildren, but this little piggy is mine. She is so lifelike. The dogs can’t understand it when she “comes to life” and I think it may make a great tool for conversing on difficult subjects with the grandchildren. Anyway, I enjoy her just being with me. How’s that for convincing myself I needed her.

portrait without a face

I love this picture of my granddaughter, Kira, from behind as she listened to a music presentation at the School of Christian Mission this summer. Amazingly, this is the only picture from the archives.

from the top

When you come to my church and/or to the cemetery by the church, you are on the top of a mountain. Standing in the cemetery today, I took a picture so you could see how everything around the church and the cemetery is below them. You are, essentially, looking from the top when you are there.


These are the church’s old Sunday School hymnals stacked in the storage area beside the fan. It is kind of sad to see them there, but we don’t use them much so we put them in storage. As time moves along more and more songs are published and the older songs go into storage. Those of us who grew up on vintage Rodeheaver Publishing will not toss them out, however. There’s power in those old hymns. I just hope they don’t combust in that room!


Two of the neighbor’s cows were really cozy with the lines grounding the telephone pole to the ground. They were eating grass and scratching their heads against that insulated stablizing wire. It’s as cozy as I could get on this crisp, cool morning. I had to get to church.

I hope you had fun,


13 comments on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday #50

  1. Very enjoyable set.
    I think the View from the top at your Church is lovely and very quaint.
    Pink – Oh that is a cute little piggy, no wonder you had to have it.
    Cozy – Yep those cows do look comfy.
    I’m so glad that the church we attend right now is still using Hymnals and the old fashioned Hymns. I’m not to into the modern worship music.

    • Ida, I love all the worship music, but not to the exclusion of the the old hymns and the music from the baroque and classical periods in Europe. All of them send me to heaven and make my spirit dance. I was privileged to walk the path of Martin Luther’s life and attend the passion play at Oberammerrgau in 2000. When I hear Bach and Mozart, I transcend; and give me one verse of A Mighty Fortress is Our God and I have my armor on. Bless you, Dear Fellow Grandma!

  2. Hi my dear, I love the view from the top. Cemeteries are a favourite with me and all the green rolling hills in this shot are very appealing. Such a cutesy little piggy you found and a sweet memory trace to your Grandma’s farm. Like you, Dawn, I love all the worship music and have a small collection of old hymnals of my own, scooped up from thrift stores and garage sales.

    • Neat idea the collecting of hymn books. I might have to have a go at that. We’re back to work tomorrow. I hope all is well for you. I am plugging along. Sleepy now, Good-night, My Dear Friend.

  3. I love your countryside! It is so much like ours is now. Nice to know you see our beauty but there. I also love your pig… and the cozy cows! Like Andrea, I would enjoy a walk through your cemetery. I also treasure old hymnals… The songs are ever on my lips! Blessings and hugs to you (and your granddaughter) šŸ˜‰
    Good job on the photos my friend.

    • It’s so nice to get up in the morning and find a note from you. My heart is a bit worried, going to the job where I am still clumsy and need a lot of help yet still. The Scavenger Hunt is a relaxing diversion and reading the comments is soothing and fun. Thanks for leaving one.

  4. the hymnals are interesting! a friend of mine used some old hymnals for crafts that decorate the church sanctuary. a lovely remembrance of some of the old music. of course, there are some hymn books that are installed in a glass case & also a church time capsule to be opened sometime in the future.
    what a lovely view from the top. i’m a bit jealous you are experiencing cool weather.
    nice set of photos.

    • What a nice comment Christine. You are so thoughtful. Thanks for being here. I’d love to see your glass case and to be there when the time capsule is open. When would that be?

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