Out of Egypt: A lesson in culture

Slaves in Egypt

Today I heard a very good Preacher (who shall remain nameless) talk about how a man of Egyptian culture wrote down the creation story and gave the laws to the Hebrew people. Ironically, the Hebrews were not Egyptian. They were from the seed of Abraham, a man from Ur of the Chaldeans, from Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq). God chose Abraham to be the father of His chosen people, but an Egyptian ended up writing down their history, giving them their laws, teaching them how to be Hebrews. How did he do it? How did he teach these people how to be children of God. After all they  had been slaves of the Egyptians for…..drum roll, please

The sons of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob lived in the land of Egypt. They were the underclass and, in order to survive they learned about their captors: they learned the religion, the laws, the ways of the Egyptians. Moses, their eventual leader, was raised in the palace as the son of pharoah’s daughter. He was educated in every way as an Egyptian. Yet, when God decided to make His move to get them out of Egypt and into their own Promised Land, He chose the son of the princess. God chose the most indoctrinated Egyptian to indoctrinate the people to His ways. He got Moses’ attention at the burning bush.

I find it very odd that I had never thought of this before, but, indeed, the story of creation was not what Moses probably heard from the Sun Worshipers in Egypt. He also did not learn about Adam and Eve or Noah. I wonder what he learned about marriage. Was it the same as the God of the Hebrews that there would be one man and one woman united as one in holy matrimony? Most indoctrinated Pharisee, Paul was chosen to lead the new church after the resurrection of Christ. Most indoctrinated Babylonian, Daniel was chosen to lead the Hebrew captives in Babylon. No matter what the earthly culture of the man, the Lord uses each one to show the world the supra-culture of God through the Hebrews and then through those with circumcised hearts as the Gentiles were ushered into the church.

Having a degree in trans-cultural nursing, I know I am blessed and am thankful today for

#860 the opportunity to know people from all over the world.

#861 to live in a time where all the world’s peoples can be in touch with one another with the click of a computer mouse or touch of an iphone.

#862 the opportunity to know my ‘neighbors,’ both near and afar.

#863 the nature of God displayed in the diversity of creation.

#864 for my heritage and the ties I have with a certain culture on this earth which makes me very happy. I presently work with those whose family lines mirror mine and I have am having a wonderful time sharing commonalities with my co-workers.

#865 that God taught me how to see through another culture’s perspective through my daughter, Joyce. She was a black girl raised by a white mother who had a white best friend who taught her how to be black so she could survive in a school system that was 95% black.

#866 that my children see all people worthy of their time and their love. I am thankful my one son started Love Works, a ministry to the poor of his city; my second son and my first grand-daughter will be ministering in Haiti over Christmas and New Year’s; my older daughter excelled in customer service in the Navy because she could cross cultures to serve all the sailors during Operation Iraqi Freedom; and my younger daughter being a black model in the predominantly white world of fashion.

#867 for the movie Crash and its sensitive cross-cultural message, one I have used time and again to jump-start cultural sensitivity discussion in groups.

#868 the comfort of knowing that God has everything and everyone in the palm of His hand.

Thankful this Monday and every day,

#869 all of you who drop by here. I am thankful for you every day. You know who you are.


One comment on “Out of Egypt: A lesson in culture

  1. cross cultural… everything always leads to the ‘cross’!
    Love this my friend, and I love you my ‘cross’ cultural ‘nurse friend’!
    Your daughter is model lovely!
    That nameless preacher must be someone special called Russ ❤
    You're okay girl… you're okay!

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