16 comments on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday #51

    • That sparkly runner came out so nicely that I almost didn’t get it, Tamar. Kelly made it for me, but when it was done she wanted to keep it for herself. Her husband told her she couldn’t keep it that it was for me. I smile everytime I put it on my table.

  1. Dawn thank you so much for doing the hunt in Coleen’s and my Honor. We are truly blessed by this gesture.
    You did a fantastic job with the prompts too. I love your Patterns shot, so pretty.
    Machine is really cute – There is a house here in town that has a stack of these dump trucks that I always think look so cute. The joys of childhood are precious.
    Great job for the Sign shot too.
    Sparkle is also really lovely, I bet that looks fabulous on your table and so special because it was made with love by your daughter-in-law.
    Rock/Stone – The best truth there is!

  2. Hello sweet friend . . .
    I too, love the way the rain mirrored the pattern of the wood grain . . . so interesting. The runner with the sparkly threads is beautiful and reminded me of that really old song . . . “Darling, I am growing old, silver threads among the gold” . . . it was in one of my music books when I took piano lessons as a child. Those Tonka trucks are almost camouflaged by the fallen leaves. Lots of leaves and raindrops in your shots this week, but ’tis the season.

  3. memories of our toy tucks out for the grandkiddies this summer… all put away and snow covering all the leaves donated by our large cottonwood…
    I wonder if our two feet of snow is any result of Hurricane Sandy? Your photo of the wood grains is lovely!
    And your stone… the true Solid one … so glad we stand together safe and secure!
    Blessings dear friend
    would love to stop by for a cup of tea… hmmmm
    do you have Skype ?

    • Susan,

      I don’t have Skype, but I think I could. I have a camera within my laptop. I have never explored the possibility. Perhaps you could clue me in. Tea’s on!

      Standing on the Rock and ready for the storm!

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