Scavenger Hunt Sunday #52 – Dawn’s First Anniversary in the Hunt!

This week’s prompts were: 1) wild, 2) welcome, 3) adventure, 4) classic and 5) vibrant. I must say that life has become a lot more exciting and adventurous since I’ve started to pay attention. There are an awful lot of things happening in any given minute that one can just pass by and not notice UNLESS one slows down and looks. Taking pictures slows me down and I have begun to see more and more. Thank you, Ashley, for hosting the hunt week after week. I am so grateful.


This is a picture of the Time magazine on the table in my husband’s notary office. We had a wild storm here on the east coast. Many are really struggling. My family escaped without any problems, but many did not. Please join me in prayer and in lending a helping hand wherever we can.


We are turning our clocks back this evening which means we get an extra hour to sleep. That is very welcome.


My son and grandchildren are here so they can meet with the group that he and his older daughter, Jessica, are going to Haiti with. They will go to the church with the group and have lunch with them after church. It’s the beginning of a great adventure.


Chicken noodle soup simmering all day in the crock pot, truly a classic fall dish.


I have these vibrant LED nightlights all over my house illuminating those places that can be difficult to navigate or work in if there is not a little bit of light. This one is halfway down the stairway between the first and second floors of the house. It glows 24/7 to help those of all ages pass safely up and down the stairs.  Sebastian still has trouble, however. Because he is blind I must be very diligent carrying him up and down or he will tumble. It’s very sad.


11 comments on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday #52 – Dawn’s First Anniversary in the Hunt!

    • Verna,

      I would buy you some and send them to you, but I haven’t been able to get them since I bought them in the dollar store a couple of years ago. I’m glad they just seem to last and last. They brighten up my home so wonderfully.

  1. Congrats, Dawn, on completing a year of the hunt. Your skills have grown so much and I know you have been blessed in many ways by taking part . . . plus you introduced it to me. Your vibrant star lights are so pretty and I love the shot of your son and grandchildren. Knowing I had that extra hour is what gave me the time to put together my hunt post.

    • Oh, Tamar, I am so sorry. I will pray by name for you and yours. Storms really are no respector of persons. My family was spared and I ache for yours. The denomination of my church is rushing money and work teams into the areas hardest hit. We will be there with you as well as have you in our prayers.

  2. This is becoming easy for you, Dawn!
    I also have a pot of Chicken Noodlesoup simmering! Yum eh?
    Hugs to your dear Sebastian for me… he is so blessed to have your good care!
    I am pleased you have been spared through the storm and grateful you can be help for others that have not been so fortunate! Love the clock!

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