Thankful between Thanksgivings

My dear Canadian friends celebrated Thanksgiving October 8. We here in the United States celebrate the fourth Thursday in November. So here I am, in the middle of these two Thanksgivings giving thanks. It is a spectacular day here in my state of PA and just 24 hours from now my country will know who the next president will be. For me these are exciting times. I am thankful for:

#881 a chance to cast one vote. It is such a privilege.

#882 the pastor who counseled my son to write down 5 things he was thankful for every day to help him see how he was blessed. My son said, “Have you read one thousand gifts? My mother recommended it to me. It sounds just like what you are saying. It’s a little “girlie”, but it’s really good.”

#883 for the oldest grandchild who says with glee, “Mamie,  you’re getting smaller.” and my son, who is walking behind us, says, “Mom, Jessica is taller than you!”

#884 for tears of joy during devotions because the words of Scripture are living and move the hearts of my family. We’re reading Daniel and I John and Psalm 119 together before breakfast.

#885 for the hug that grabbed my neck Sunday morning thanking me for recommending The Valley of Vision because it says what she wants to pray so beautifully.

#886 for my Holy-Spirit-filled friend, Barb “bornagain” Bournemann who floated around the lunch tables at World Community Day praying who she should sit beside for lunch. The Lord led her to the table where “my” church ladies were. In this way they met one of the women who will be on the team with my son and grand-daughter when they go to Haiti.

#887 for the constant, never-ending, enduring, interminable, did I mention constant encouragement and love I get from my co-workers even though I am still so v-e-r-y slow. I am thankful for their faith in me.

#888 for my sister who is using her experience with the darkness of depression and anxiety to help my son who is now experiencing similar attacks find his way.

#889 that I am able to move from orientation into a regular schedule at work. When I move to 3 p – 11 p, I can serve at St Anthony’s Free Medical Clinic again and connect with my Parish Nurse friends easier AND bike. These are all things I have missed working day shift.

#890 that my husband and I will soon have good, affordable health care through my job.

#891 that my sister is positioned to help the Parish Nurse at her church, my friend Gina is positioned to help our beloved Dr. Haussmann who, in turn, was able to help my sister and my husband through some difficult medical issues these past couple of weeks, and my friend Vickie whom I went on a mission trip to St Vincent in the Caribbean 31 years ago is now my preceptor at work. I’m so thankful He walks ahead of me.

Saying thank you with the Multitudes with Ann on Mondays,



4 comments on “Thankful between Thanksgivings

  1. That He walks ahead of you. . . Dawn, that just put the whipped cream on the dessert! I loved them all, from #1, as I sensed in my heart that thankfulness today that I could cast my one vote, all the way through. I stopped and prayed for your sister and son at #888. Isn’t it amazing how the Lord uses our “disabilities(?)” as the very things that make up our own unique ministry to others???? Only those who walk in that darkness can guide another one through those tunnels of the soul. Makes me want to give your sister a great big hug for being honest and open about it all. It was good to be here, Dawn! REALLY good!

    • Cora,

      You are my #892. I am SO very thankful that you are here and, being here, you left a comment so I would know it. I am SO very very blessed every time you are in this space. Your presence has been missed the past couple weeks. I hope you are well. You have been in my prayers…you and Buster…so near my heart. God bless you real good with Sister hugs.

    • I miss you when time takes you away, Susan. You are such a Faithful Friend. Thanks for sharing with me a mutual love for Cora and her words here in this space. I go into this day with a heavy heart after my country’s election results. I must pray and turn over my will…to His. I see the face of General Robert E Lee in the movie Gettysburg and I hear him say “God’s will.” That is my prayer today.

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