Scavenger Hunt #54

Hello, Everyone, I am surprised to be here this week. Heavens! I had NO pictures this morning, but somehow by this evening my camera contained such bounty. I had an interpretation for each and every prompt. I love you faithful ones who drop by each week and I love to mosey on over to your places and check out your interpretations, also. Did you have fun this week? I know you did. Sometimes I am a bit sad and I wander around this community and I just laugh out loud. You are all so so so talented and funny. The prose that accompany your photos makes this such an adventure.

The prompts this week were: vision, strong, buttons, map, and favorite fruit


This is a picture of the Sunday School table at church. Lynn is the crafter teacher. She has such vision and the children love her.


Our home is not an epitome of strength. I had to go to the refrigerator to take a picture of the strong vegetables in their drawer.


I threw some odd buttons I had in a container on the rug and snapped it. A little tweeking with iPhoto and there you have it.


I work for a home health and hospice agency that covers 13 counties. My husband made me a map so I could learn all the communities in our coverage area. I make up the nurses’ schedules so keeping them from running all over the place is important.


This time of year an apple tastes so very good. I love the crunch, the snap, the cold and the diversity of dishes you can get with the basic Macintoch apple. This one will go with me to work in a bitty bag as dessert after my peanut butter sandwich.

If you have time, leave a comment. It’s nice to know you were here,



12 comments on “Scavenger Hunt #54

    • Oh, Cora, here is where you and I diverge, Dear Friend. I am no fan of rye and cream cheese is reserved for bagels. I could dip an apple slice in peanut butter right well, though. Doesn’t everything taste better with peanut butter?! Oh, my what a blessed gift it is. Love you!

  1. Well, my dear, we are both just getting in under the wire aren’t we. I linked up right after you. I love the apple with the hint of green around the core. I have a really hard time eating raw apples but love apple sauce and apple crisp. Wow, you guys really do serve a large area from the looks of that map. Love that little blue heart button . . . I have 2 little red hearts that almost made it in but I chose a different shot. Hugs to you, sweet lady.

    • And right back at you, big bear hugs. I think of you all the time: new job, plodding along, eeking in the Scavenger Hunt, loving God, sharing His word and being a friend to me. I am blessed to know you.

  2. I’m surprised you’re here this week, too! Good for you!
    But oh, you’re making me miss our usual MacIntosh apples from the tree in the back yard. Early blossoms and late frost this spring killed the whole crop but for three apples… that fell early! boy, does that make my mouth water!

    • Oh, my, Ida, I forgot to wish everyone American a Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks for leaving it in your comments. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Colleen and Everyone who passes by here.

  3. The apple definitely rates as my favourite fruit… raw, juicy crispy; Beth’s dog always awaits the apple core!
    Happy Thanksgiving… so much to be thankful for including you dear friend!
    Our God is an awesome God!

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