Random Acts of Kindness Challenge

This is an idea I stole from Beth Camp. She was my greeting card making teacher for a couple of years. She was thinking she would like to do a Random Act of Kindness each day from Dec 1-25 and thought others may want to join her. Here are some ideas she thought of…but, as she says, you can add any of your own you think would be fun! I am full ‘on’ with this, stole the challenge to post here and am inviting you along. If anyone has a marvelous story to share of something that happened during the process, drop back here the end of the month and share, share, share. Yes! If I can figure out how to do the Linky Thingy (Andrea Dawn?), we might even have a bit of community going. Here are Beth’s ideas to get you started:

Random Acts of Kindness

1. Return grocery cart back to store for people

2. Help someone load groceries in their car

3. Hand bottled water out car window to jogger/bike rider

4. Feed a parking meter

5. Buy a grocery gift card and hand to someone in the store

6. Give a family a gift card at a restaurant

7. Drop off Thank you notes and a dozen donuts to the Police Station/Firehall

8. Pay for coffee and a doughnut at the Donut Shop

9. Tuck Happy Notes on car windshield wipers

10. Hand out Mylar Balloons to children shopping with parents

11. Take art supplies and children’s books to the maternity ward waiting room for big brothers and sisters while waiting for their new brother/sister

12. Drop off stuffed animals to the Children’s Wing of the hospital

13. Deliver balloons or flowers to a random someone in the hospital

14. Tape change to a vending machine with a note : “Here’s a random act of kindness for you, have a blessed day!”

15. Leave some quarters at the Laundromat

16. Deliver Christmas cards to a nursing home

17. Hand out Hot Chocolate at the skating rink

18. Leave a dozen donuts on the coffee table at church

19. Take a plate of cookies to a neighbor

20. Read a story to children at the book store

21. Leave a treat for your mailman

22. Take some dog/cat food to the SPCA

23. Drop off a new coat/gloves/scarf to a local school nurses office to be given to a needy child

24. Hand make a gift and give it to someone you don’t know very well

25. Take some children’s books/toys to a local daycare

I like the idea of thinking about being kind before the day speeds away from me. It may moot some of the randomness of the act, but, hey, I’m a planner, what can I say. I’m off…

5 comments on “Random Acts of Kindness Challenge

  1. spontaneity is easier for me… planning means I have to bring great ideas to fruitition…oooo the discipline of all that…something that keeps me hopping 🙂
    Great ideas here… and even having a smile for unsuspecting persons can brighten a day… Pay it forward! Great post Dawn!

  2. A few more “randoms” for the list: Tell someone they look nice. Smile at an older person you meet while shopping. Call a person you know who lives alone. Send a note to someone who does a lot for your church; community; school and say “well done.” Make a grandchild laugh. Tell your friend Dawn what an awesome person she is!! You are!

    • Nancy,

      Did you see Ann Voskamp’s blog of yesterday? Her title was “How Beards and Men and Random Acts of Kindness Can Change the World.” How uncanny! He is drawing His sheep together. Can you feel the closeness of the fold? I can, and your fleece is touching mine. How nice! We must not tarry gathering those around us.

  3. These are great ideas. Some elicit an “Oh, yes, why didn’t I ever think of that?”

    Here’s another, unseen but powerful: “Shoot” prayers to God for the strangers you see on your errands. Sometimes this prompts random outward acts as well. (I read about this “shooting” of prayers, just short little blessings for the passers-by, from an article by a father who was teaching his children to do this with him. Thought it was such an excellent idea.

    Hope all is well in your corner of the world, including your health. Haven’t “seen” you in cyberspace for a while. Hoping it’s just that you’ve been busy. God bless.

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