Scavenger Hunt #56


I was with my daughter-in-law today and she was snapping pictures for the prompts. She really challenged me to get going and get this post together. Here’s the result.

  1. Missing
  2. Numbers
  3. Purple
  4. Music
  5. Bracelet


IMG_4883Note the blur on the arms and ice cream cone as my grandson Like was not missing a lick as he wrestled with his chocolate dipped cone from Dairy Queen! You should have seen his face when he was done!


IMG_4889These were the numbers on my birthday cake this past weekend. Numbers.


IMG_4855Our nativity set at church is resting on purple cloth. This is only because the Preacher said the red cloth I had laid down for advent was the wrong color. Eh-hm, right. Purple is for royalty–the King is coming!


IMG_4882The grandkids were making music among the lighted carolers. You should have heard them singing at the top of their lungs, ‘Gl-or-or-or-or-i-a!”


IMG_4891Pipe cleaners, beads and the love of a 5-year-old grandson for his grandmother = a bracelet and ring set. Priceless!

Happiest hunting Everyone,



8 comments on “Scavenger Hunt #56

  1. oooo a birthday cake… yum…
    I love the silky hair, leftovers on the candles, the nativity up and gorgeous, the song coming through the bright lights and the hand of you my friend, sporting awesome grandkiddy gifts. I have missed you! This was good 🙂

  2. Oh,I see it is snowing on your website again this year! 🙂 Tranquility.
    And this is funny: I put five red candles in the Advent candleholder this weekend, and MY husband came along and said, “They’re the wrong color.”
    So I went and scrounged up some purple, pink, and white.
    And I love your very special jewelry.
    Happy Birthday to you, my friend! May this next year of your life be the best yet!

  3. Dear Sylvia,

    The snow is an option through wordpress. I love it. I was smiling really big when you told me about your red candles. I think we live in parallel universes, Sylvia. At least the brain cells seem to leave similar patterns across our lives. This was a good one!

  4. Love the music shot, Dawn . . . the grands interspersed with light figures. Nothing quite like jewelry fit for a grandmother, is there? Your ring and bracelet are delightful. I have not yet got any decorating done so my nativity is still in a box in the garage. Hope to get it out this weekend. I have to say you are the spunkiest 61 year old I know . . . I love that you keep trying and learning new things. Don’t ever stop! Once again, Happy Birthday, sweet lady.

    • Dear One,

      Thank you for the fun birthday wishes here and the glorious e-card I got through my e-mail. I have saved it to watch again and again for as long as Dayspring will keep it up.

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