Going to the trough

Grand-daughter Kira holding baby Jesus while looking at a nativity scene.

Grand-daughter Kira holding baby Jesus while looking at a nativity scene.

I have been at my new job 4 months. About mid-November my fellow co-workers started to talk about going to the trough at Christmas. Thinking I had heard them wrong, I did not inquire any further until the subject came up again. Finally, being a cultural neophyte in the office, I asked the obvious. “What is the trough?” I was then told that it is a time when the organization caters a delicious smorgasbord of Christmas delights to give every employee a wonderful dinner as a gift. Hmmmm, I thought, “trough” doesn’t sound like a very good description of such a generous gift. I guess they call it that because everyone loves it so much they overindulge, one person stated, “like pigs at a trough.”

I was lying in bed last night after a very busy, stressful day at work, and got to thinking about Christmas. All of a sudden it occurred to me that manger probably comes from the word eating in the French. I had 4 years of French in my younger years and know that “manger” (pronounced mon-jay) means “to eat”. It never occurred to me that manger, the place where animals eat ie: a trough, is the same word that describes the place where the baby Jesus was laid after His birth. He was laid in a feeding trough for animals. And so, Dear Friends, when I enjoy the Christmas trough at work, I will think of the manger of my Lord Jesus and thank Him, once again, for teaching me the way to abundant life through servanthood.

Walking with Him this Wednesday with Ann’s Community over at A Holy Experience,



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