Scavenger Hunt #57


  1. Season
  2. Colorful
  3. Weather
  4. Silhouette
  5. Calm

It is Saturday morning and I have to go to work this afternoon. I have not started my Scavenger Hunt interpretations. I think they will all have to be gotten close to home. This may require creativity. I’m praying for some.



The Christmas season: it has different meanings to different people.



Gasoline on the pavement near the gasoline station. How can something that looks so pretty be so potentially dangerous? There is a parable here.



Rainy weather necessitates a rain coat. Mickey is NOT loving it.



I had to dig in the archives for this one. I think it is the only silhouette picture I have!



This is the way I tell whether I need my face mask hat, a scarf and mittens for biking in the cooler months of the year. If the flag is limp, I can go without all the gear because the flag says it is calm. There will be no head winds to fight.

I’m off to see what you have posted.



3 comments on “Scavenger Hunt #57

  1. Your flag is like the sounder that God’s Spirit is to ours… before we set on our way He reminds us that with Him we are safe as we are kept under the shelter of His wings. As I scrolled down the weather one I thought perhaps one of your grandchildren were snuggling close to Russ… then I saw the legs!
    The grouse in my calendar picture is the sihlouette I would have used… love your squirrel!

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