Savenger Hunt #58


I was to Christkindl Market yesterday. Christkindle Market is rows and rows of sheds with crafters and artisans exchanging their ideas of Christmas. The rows of sheds extend for blocks and blocks in the center of a little town near where I work. , Christkindl means Christ Child in German and is where the Pennsylvania Dutch get the words Kris Kringle for St Nicholas, the generous Bishop of Myra who lived around the year 300. They had the bishop at the Market yesterday.

St nick


It was a day of celebration. Please have fun going to Christkindl Market with me where I found many of my interpretations for the prompts this week: sparkly, door, decorate, stripes, and a few of my favorite things.



When my friend, Ann, sat, across from me at the coffee shop with her sparkly head band hat next to the sparkly wall hanging, I knew that would be my “sparkly” shot.



This was how the door was decorated outside the honey shop at Christkindl Market.



Christkindl Market was all decorations. This was the entryway. Isn’t it simply fabulous? A live Nativity took place in the church yard just behind the information booth you see in the picture. It was truly a glorious day of European traditions being shared in community.


IMG_4920I bought this sweet hand-blown glass ornament as my only souvenir from the Christkindl Market. I guess you could say it was striped.

A few of my favorite things


One of the few things I count as my favorite is the story of the Christ. This is a picture of the live nativity at Christkindl Market. I love how the angel is holding one of he little goats. Its the earthly beginning of Jesus. It is Christmas. I am counting the days till He comes. He is God with us. Emmanuel.



21 comments on “Savenger Hunt #58

  1. Love, love, love. Especially love seeing the live nativity. Mifflinburg….. A very unique area these days. Integrity. Community. Neighbors. Godliness. Thanks for sharing these pics!

    • Yes, it certainly is becoming unique. It was like the majority of our country when I was small, but, for good or bad, it is becoming a rarity. I LOVED the day spent there.

  2. Wow! I LOVE this! (I know this repeats the last comment, but it’s exactly what was in my head to write here before I read that.)
    Do they have this every year? I hope they still have it next year, and that the weather is clear then. I would really love to travel down and visit that!

    • Yes, it is every year. I had never heard of it until I worked further south and heard everyone raving about it. It is definitely worth the travel. The man I bought the ornament from was a crafter from Bellefonte. It was his first year, too. It was SO great!

    • Ann’s mother made that hat for her. She is the queen of bling. Ann is a bit more reserved, but only a little bit more. She is blingy enough to wear it. She is worship leader in her church and is not shy to and just let go and let the Spirit move across her guitar strings.

  3. What a lovely day you had and such a beautiful keepsake you brought home. I have just not had enough time or energy to do the hunt this last while but still love popping in every so often. Hopefully in the new year things will be different.

    • I can’t do the Hunt when I work every third weekend, but so far, I have been able to snatch enough energy when I don’t work. Next weekend the kids are coming for Christmas. I hope to get some good picture with them in it. They are quite the ‘hams’.

  4. I am just so jealous!!!! I can’t help it! Now I wish I had made the decision to come to New Jersey for the holidays and had known about this. My sister and I could have made that trip to see this. YES! it’s definitely on my Bucket List, too. Please let us all know when it is next year. Maybe we could have a . . . . can’t be a reunion because we never met before. . . . a get together?????? That would just top my Bucket list!

  5. What a special place! Does that say Mifflinburg, PA? I was born in Swengel and lived in Mifflinburg when I was little. My grandparents had a farm there. I remember that there were pretty mountains behind their farm. When I was little I thought they were humungous, but I am sure if I would drive there now I would think they were not quite as lofty. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas season. Love your striped ornament. So beautiful.

  6. Cora, When you come up I have a lot of places to show you. We have buckets of stuff for a crafter like you to do. You come on up, please! What a special time we will have. I’m marking this on my calendar (as soon as I know the weekend it is for sure). So excited here!

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