Multitudes on Friday

IMG_4927Every Monday I come here to list things I am thankful for with the community at Ann Voskamp’s A Holy Experience. This Monday I really wanted to make my list,IMG_4928 but it was Christmas Eve and there were just too many other things vying for my attention. Ah, this is the great metaphor of my life…too busy. My husband is on the Nordic Track (it is his therapy to keep him walking) and I am in my quiet space in the house overlooking the snowy streets below. It is a typical lazy day after the busyness of Christmas. I was about to begin my thank list, when my daughter called and said, “Hey, Mom, I found the chocolate Dad likes so much down here where I live and I want to send it up. Don’t tell him.” I think I will start this way, I thank God that

#965 I have children who think about their parents and try to bless us every chance they get.

#966 I have a job I love and administrators and colleagues that care for me. Just before I sat down for the third time to begin this list a person from work called to ask if I wanted a sandwich for this evening. The day shift orders out for lunch many times and the fact that they would think of me and I’m not even there right now is amazing to me.

#967 my husband and I now have medical insurance.

#968 Jesus is king and no matter what happens with the fiscal cliff politics, my family knows who their source is.fiscal-cliff

#969 there is fresh fruit on my table and fresh vegetables in my refrigerator.

#970 I have a refrigerator and the electricity that makes everything run.

#971 my puppies are very well for their ages.

#972 my legs are holding up under a job where I sit all day.

#973 a new doctor has volunteered to help at the free clinic. He really knows how to meet the needs of the poor and is so humble that they feel ahfree to really tell them where they are hurting. Thanks Dr. Andrew Haussmann.

#974 the Church is meeting the needs of people in hard times. One of our church men works at the welfare office and he prays with everyone who will permit him to pray with them during their intake. Another lady volunteers in her neighborhood to deliver meals, clean houses and provide rides for those who need it. Another makes cards and sends them whenever there is a major life event in a family to let them know the church is thinking about them.

#975 my grandchildren wrote, produced and presented the story of the nativity in church this Christmas. Jessica was the donkey and had Kira, the Virgin Mary riding to Bethlehem on her back. Luke was the baby Jesus who rose up from his manger like he was on the cross to tell all who were watching that this baby was the Savior of the world. Luke is 5 years old and accepted Jesus as his Savior this past year.

#976 Abbott Laboratories is going to give my husband his medication for free for a year to help us until he is old enough to be on Medicare.Abbott

haugen#977 there are those committed to offering sanctuary to those in need. I think of people like Josie in Belize who feeds 12 hungry neighbors in her kitchen hut every day and Gary Haugan, president of the International Justice Mission, who works to save children from the oppressive labor of having to roll cigarettes for 12 hours  a day in some countries or young girls from the sex trade industry.

#978 several of my coworkers at SUN Home employees join me in praying together for traveling mercies during this winter season for all the home care nurses and other staff who must forge through no matter what.

#979 there is glitter. I love it in clothing, on cards and in the clear night sky.

#980 He has designed a remedy for all that ails us, we just need to find it and, when we do, obey it.

#981 someone designed central heating. This past week a home patient from the Emergency Room of a local hospital could not be discharged home because he had no central heating in his trailer. His trailer was deemed unsafe for human habitation. My grandmother had 15 children. My mother was the 13th of the 15. My mother never had central heating throughout her childhood. She tells stories of how they slept 6 to a bed with warm irons from the fire at her feet. The snow blew around the inside of the windows and the water froze in the pitchers by the bed. My how times have changed. I am thankful for the ease of life, but think we have lost some of what made us hardy in the process.

#982 Nila, a lady from our church, who butchers wild game for hunters, shares some of the meat the gamers don’t want with my family. I had roast elk simmered in the crock pot yesterday. Ahhhhh, it was a melt-in-your- mouth experience.

#983 He gave my niece, Renee, a baby girl on Christmas Eve. Here she is with Naomi Joy almost immediately after their water birth together.Reneewaterbirth Naomi’s brothers are very happy she is here.

#984 I got to see all my grandchildren all in one place and they got to see one another and play and play and play Christmas weekend. It was the BEST!


Happy New Year – Emmanuel!



10 comments on “Multitudes on Friday

  1. Dawn, I smiled my way through your list today. I read slowly, like sipping on a really hot chocolate toffee latte!!!!!! It was so touching to read one after another of the things you took time to really notice in life. Even in the busy-ness of it all. Somehow, the thing about glitter struck me today. I didn’t realize how much I liked glitter until I got into this card making. Somehow, I think Heaven rains with glitter when we lift our thanks to Him for all that He bestows on us. And we do take central heating for granted — that is, until it doesn’t work! My father spent his life working the night shift on call, going out at all hours to fix broken oil burners, sometimes just having to flip a switch that unknowingly had been turned off, other times working for hours so a family would be warm again. His stories would fill a book.
    Praising God with you today, Dawn! Thank you!

  2. Every time I praise now, I will see glitter falling around me, springing forth from me and gently filling the surroundings prayed in and for. Everything changes when we praise, give thanks and glorify. Your comment gives me a visual of that now. I thank God for bringing you to me. Warmest wishes for the new year. God is with us.

  3. I walked through the thrift store today on my way to some homeschoolers I teach, There was this amazing ‘new’ pair of blue jeans with a hint of purple glitter through them that I held for the longest time. They were my size and I loved them… so totally not me. Now, however, I chuckle and think I will return another day and see if they are still there. I could handle sparkling a little just to remind me of my dear friends… we are jewels for Him and we do sparkle. I should get used to it 🙂
    That ‘huggie’ photo is absolutely perfect. I have it on my desktop!
    much love to you dear friends…Cora, you too dear. Have a year abounding in good cheer. He has overcome for us!

    • Oh, Susan, you simply must get back and get those jeans. I’ve been hunting a sparkling sweater. We all need to get something and shine for him. My sister got me a hat for my birthday. It was totally not me. It was a la Lucy Ricardo, but I’ve been wearing it every day. It’s growing on me and I don’t think it is shocking those around me anymore. They are getting used to me in it. We DO need to get used to sparkling. “We are like windows reflecting colors of the rainbow. Set in a darkened room so the bridegroom could come to set us all free.” ~ Keith Green
      I am so blessed that my grandkids and I are on your desk top. Pray for each of us when you rev up your computer, won’t you, Susan. Love you!

  4. What a great list, Dawn . . . so many of them speak to me. So happy you get to spend time with your grandkidlets. This year, thanks to Face-time I got to see the girls open their gifts from me. Next best thing to being there.

    The free medication for a year is an overwhelming display of Papa’s provision and reminds me of the verse I have been whispering to myself all day. “Return to your rest, O my soul, for the Lord has dealt bountifully with you. Psalm 116:7

  5. What a blessing it was to read your blessings. And to think back to what “was” and now what “is” in your life (job, medical, etc). To list out gratitudes brings God into the picture in a way that offers clarity and HIS perspective on the matters of life. Thank you, Dawn, for always offering us a glimpse of glitter!

    • My friend Ann Judd told me she named this year glory. She is a worship leader in her church and I can see her Year of Glory all in glitter. It will be fun to walk with her through it as one of my friends that is geographically close to me as well as a sister in Christ. You, too, are experienceing His glory as you unload those things which hinder and run the race lighter, both figurtivly and spiritually (in His greater light). So, Cristal, let us begin 2013!

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