Thanksgiving after a Year of Learning Thanksliving

I find it interesting that the final Multitudes on Mondays with Ann Voskamp is the very last day of 2012. This has been the year of grace for me and having this final day of the year be a Monday, the day that I list my thank you’s, is amazing.  I get to 1000 thank you’s by grace. I have 16 thank you’s to go and today I will make it, by His grace. What do you think is my first thank you?

IMG_4933 #985 that the final day of 2012 is a Monday, just one more Monday to reach my goal.

#986 that I do not have to work today so I can type my thank you’s into the computer.

#986 that my son and granddaughter have raised all their money and have everything packed to go to Haiti this Saturday to work with Sherry Fausey and the Christian Light School and Orphanage [see them on Facebook]

#987 that my daughter found her father’s favorite chocolates and sent them to him.IMG_4936

#988 that the Pet Smart store gave us a big discount on dog food because our pups have birthdays in January.

#989 for a wonderful walking partner in the morning.

#990 my friend in Ohio who is part of an organization called Capital to Bridge the Divide to provide jobs for Nicaraguans []

#991 that I have a wonderful boss after years of frustration in health care.

#992 my 5-year-old grandson loves to pray.

#993 my sister is welcoming 2 new grandchildren.

#994 dark chocolate, need I say more, oh, and gingerbread.

#995 traveling mercies this whole week as I had to drive in very hazardous conditions every day.

#996 music and how it transports the soul to the throne of grace.


#997 the warmth of an alpaca sweater. It’s my favorite winter garment.

IMG_4935#998 African Organic Nectar tea, naturally sweet and delicious.

#999 the challenge of Scripture memorization. I really didn’t want to put this on the list. I really don’t want to put forth the IMG_4931effort to memorize scripture, but I will give thanks for this conviction and do it even though I would rather not. I have my booklet made…Memorize the Mount from Ann Voskamp.

#1000 for Ann Voskamp and her commitment to seeing her sisters (every single one of us) be all we can be by His grace.

Amen. Emmanuel, God is with us,



6 comments on “Thanksgiving after a Year of Learning Thanksliving

  1. Congrats! What joy! Rejoicing with you especially over #991. Ahh-h-h-h!
    Although all the rest are good (or dee-licious), too.
    Hm, another woman loath to memorize scripture. I wonder why there are so many. Maybe it’s because there’s memorizing, and then there’s memorizing? I think I need to write a post on this sometime. (I find I’m memorizing more and enjoying it… more, even as I get older! Go figure!)
    Happy New Year, Dawn! It has been a wonderful year of getting to know you!

  2. How very marvelous to have walked with you through this year…this has been a blessing to me!
    I love 986 (b) [you have two of them:) ] I love that someone in Haiti will be blessed by your family’s love.
    congrats… One Thousand gifts from our Father’s hand, shared! By God’s grace, you did it!

  3. One of my most precious gifts this year has been following YOU, Dawn, as you have discovered all of your treasured gifts! Some looked dark and anything but a blessing, but it has meant a lot to me to see them all transformed in your life as you accepted them in trust as from a Father’s loving hand. I rememer a song with a line in it that said “What He takes and what He gives us, from the Father’s hand so precious. . .” Those of us who have counted and listed — we’ve found it to be true, haven’t we? Memorizing!!!! How thankful I am that I learned that discipline early in life. Though I find it hard now, all those long passages that I learned as a child come back in the sleepless nights and draw me nearer to Him. Now I understand why my father memorized chapters, as when he was dying, he repeated them over and over.
    It;s been such a blessing to know you, Dawn. Thank you for your example, your faith, your encouragement, and your great big smile!!!!! May the coming year bring you closer to the Savior and just a little bit more like Him!

  4. One of my most precious gifts has been having the privilege of intimate understanding of God’s works in your life. He is so good. Your faith stands as a shining star, to lead people in knowing he does answer prayer. I love that you love your new job. I love that you will touch many people through that job. I love that the job gives you good insurance for your man. I love that Parish Nursing in your church and others, will be better for the knowledge you gain through your job. I love that you are learning about available resources and will be a huge asset to the elderly and needy in your community. I love that you trusted me with those hurtful places when you were mowed over and left to bleed. I love you, friend in God. Blessed New Year to you and the Preacher.

  5. You did it, girl! One thousand gifts of His grace listed and shared here on your little space of the internet. So wonderful to reach a goal, but I know that whether on not you continue to publish a list of thank-yous your life has been transformed by the journey . . . your eyes and ears opened to recognize His grace-gifts in whatever form they take. Love the doggy discount; that just tickles me for some reason. Happy New Year, Dawn.

  6. Ladies,

    You have been such a huge part of my growth this past year. It is with tears in my eyes that I read every word each one of you put here. Your words blessed my heart beyond what you can ever imagine. If you did not come here, I would probably not bother to be here either. Many times the best part of the post is your comments. It’s like I am setting the table for tea and looking out the window to see if my girlfriends are going to come. I do so look forward to being with you this coming year, my year of Emmanuel. By His grace…


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