A Good Way to Begin the New Year

IMG_3081I am convicted to memorize Scripture this year and to make prayer a priority. These are my New Year’s resolutions. I have named this year Emmanuel: God with [me] and as I internalize His word and speak to Him about everything, He will be with me. He is always with me, but I will be more clear about His direction if I am with Him. I am the one that has a tendency to wander. This is the girl who always lost her sweaters as a child, locked her keys in her car as a community health nursing student and lost track of every purse I ever owned so I don’t carry one anymore. You get the idea. In the same way, I lose God unless I am intentional and I resolve to be intentional.

I begin my 2013 blog with a prayer from The Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers and Devotions by Arthur Bennett. This is taken from section 7 entitled Gifts of Grace. It so well explains my state coming out of 2012, my Year of Grace, and where I am  headed from here.


Heavenly Father

Thou hast revealed to me myself as a woman of sin,

and Thyself as the fullness of goodness,

with strength enough to succour me,

wisdom enough to guide me,

mercy enough to quicken me,

love enough to satisfy me.

Thou hast shown me that because Thou art mine

I can live by Thy life,

be strong in Thy strength,

 be guided by Thy wisdom;

and so I can pitch my thoughts and heart in Thee.

This is the exchange of wonderful love–

for me to have Thee for myself,

and for Thee to have me, and to give me Thyself.

There is in Thee all fullness of the good I need,

 and the fullness of all grace to draw me to Thyself,

who, else, could never have come.

But having come, I must cleave to Thee,

be knit to Thee,

always seek Thee.

There is none all good as Thou art:

With Thee I can live without other things,

for Thou art God all-sufficient,

and the glory, peace, rest, joy of the world

 is a creaturely, perishing thing in comparison with Thee.

Help me to know that he who hopes for nothing but Thee,

and for all things only for Thee, hopes truly,

and that I must place all my happiness in holiness,

if I hope to be filled with all grace.

Convince me that I can have no peace at death,

nor hope that I should go to Christ,

unless I intend to do His will

and have His fullness while I live.

And so I begin the Year of Emmanuel,



3 comments on “A Good Way to Begin the New Year

  1. Wow! What fullness! Drink deep! And much, much blessing on it!
    (And I have to go find that prayer… astoundingly right on what my mind was on when I came to my email and found this post there.)

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