History repeats itself, again

I watched the movie The Pursuit of Happyness starring Will Smith on New Year’s Day. I had seen it before, but I decided to settle down and give it another go. I was eight minutes into the movie when I saw it. Click on the words below for the beginning of the movie. The part that shocked me begins at 8 minutes and 19 seconds. You can fast forward if you want to.

The Pursuit of Happyness

It was uncanny that I would hear President Reagan discussing the fiscal cliff of the early 1980’s and his concern over the 80 billion dollar deficit. Oh, my, People, the United States is now at a 17 trillion dollar deficit and we have a leadership that does not understand economics. Or, they do understand economics and their plan is to redistribute the wealth of the world in this way. I do not know. What I do know is I must pray and so I will. I am partnering with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in their My Hope with Billy Graham outreach at http://myhopewithbillygraham.org/what-is-my-hope/?. I am using their pamphlet How to Pray for our Leaders. It has been a Godsend.

Praying as Josiah prayed after becoming king over a wicked and perverse Judah,


3 comments on “History repeats itself, again

  1. I’ve not watched that movie…guess its time. But for the important part, praying for our leaders and evangelizing…. We must! Consistently!

    • Carrie,

      I must get a list of all my federal and state reps and senators. I also find it difficult to pray for Pres Obama, but I must. I am thankful that Billy Graham has taken uop this initiative and provided a framework for me. I needed it.

      You will love In Pursuit of Happyness. The church that provided housing for the man and his son while they were ‘on the streets’ was Glide Memorial United Methodist Church in NYC. I was proud to be a part of that work as it is my denomination. Anyway get some air popped popcorn and enjoy!

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