What was I going to do?

I am studying the parable of the sower and the seed. I am at the beginning where it says “A sower went out to sow.” I found that truly amazing: the sower was actually going to doIMG_4931 what he was given to do. In contrast, I came up the stairs in my house to get my little dog to carry him outside (he is blind and deaf so I must do this periodically). I saw my bed was unmade so I went to make it and saw my laptop. I thought, “I will do my Bible memorization on Scripture Typer and then get right to making my bed. I opened my browser and saw new posts in my inbox from two bloggers I follow. I went to read both of them and responded to one. I then thought, while I’m on the computer I should check out the parable of the sower and the seed on Bible Gateway. When I read the first line of the parable I laughed. Really? He actually went out to do what he intended to do? He was a sower so he went out to sow, AND miracles of miracles,IMG_4756 we see him casting seeds in the very next line!!!!

Dear Friends Who Read here, this doing what I set out to do rarely happens to me. I wonder if I am to heed the impression these six simple words gave to me. I will pray about this, but first, I must take the dog out into the backyard!

Have a blessed weekend,



12 comments on “What was I going to do?

  1. Oh, boy, did I ever laugh my way through this one! It’s like looking in a mirror. And hm, what was I going to do? And how did I end up *here*, writing this comment? … heh

  2. PS to Dawn (still here, doing not what I intended…) I have a very strong hunch you have already well-memorized the first six words of this passage! without intending to!! Isn’t God great?

  3. That was spot-on, Dawn! You got me! I am so easily distracted! Oh, dear Gussie! How will I manage when I retire? I have ideas…time management plans for then. Let’ hope I can focus and get things done. I can lose myself in my surroundings.

    • You know, Carrie, I really can’t put myself in the place of those who say they would be bored if they didn’t work. My goodness, I was unemployed 9 months and I really didn’t have a moment of boredom. I have a lot to work on whether I’m getting paid for it or not.

      PS I love the ‘oh, dear, Gussie.’ That’s a new one for me.

      • Exactly… A lot of work whether I’m getting paid or not. I have seen you at that, you and Deb. Such esteemed examples of doing God’s work. May I not disappoint The Lord!

  4. You got me too, Dawn . . . seeing myself and giggling along. How easy it is to get distracted. Going to go do what I had planned for myself today . . . get the Christmas stuff put away. Hugs to you and your sweet pup.

    • Dear One, I hope you got the Christmas stuff put away. I think I have all mine away and then I notice something I forgot…must have gotten distracted! My sisters and I exchanged our gifts to one another so I have those items to find places for. Ah, Christmas, tis for every day.

      Thanks for mentioning my pup. He truly is a Sweet One. I love his snuggliness in old age. When he was young he liked his head scratched, but, only for a moment. He had things to chase and things to sniff.

  5. I also smiled big… you could have been me… love you more than ever and I am praying with you for many of the same things…. so glad He does open our eyes and open our hearts… often when I think I do so little He reminds me that it is His work in the heart…We do our part, and though so little is still so important. Yesterday I hand delivered one of my calendars, only a lazer copy of only just a drawing I have done, and though I could have dropped it in the mail, the Lord impressed me to hand deliver it. This is the response I received in my inbox this morning.
    My Dearest Susie: You may not know this, but you were an answered prayer for me this morning. You coming to my house today was truly a real sign from God to me that He loves me and answers my prayers, I don’t really know why He is so mindful of me, but I love God so very much, last night when I went to bed I started to cry, and then I got up and came and asked Tom if he would pray for me, then I went back to bed and cried out to the Lord to help to take away all this pain I am in constantly, and although I was up several times during the night due to the pain, it didn’t seem to bother me so much, and now I have a brand new day in front of me, with a different outlook, and my pain has lessened. You really made my day, when you took the time out to come and see us, and talk with me, and by the way the calendar is beautiful, and yes, I see the horse, incredible the way you draw, you are truly gifted. So my friend you have a super day, and I know I am going to also, because of God and you. LYL Ttys God Bless and my love to you.

    may we always be here for each other … may we take his love seeds and scatter them abroad… he prepares the soil and makes them grow ❤ and may we find time to walk the dog … 🙂
    love you my friend

  6. Susan,

    Thank you for sharing the words you received from your friend. It is so glorious to share in the victories the Lord does in the hearts of others when we do each small thing. Thanks for pointing out to me that His work is in the heart. His is the major work. We only have to do a little and He can move powerfully. This was a good Word for me, a ramah Word through you. Thank you, Dearest Sister of my heart.

    I wanted you to know that I gave a card with your drawing of Musa as a baby to my niece today. We had a baby shower for her. Her little boy should be here in a week or so. When she opened the card she saw your ‘little boy’ drawing and said, “Oh, Aunt Dawn, this is beautiful. I love it.” She passed it around for everyone to see. It’s the only card she passed around. I told her that my friend Susan drew it and made me some cards and I thought she would love it. She did.

    Good night!

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