An engineer went out to engine, not really

A sower went out to sow. Luke 8:5sower

I’ve been thinking a lot about this verse. The identity of the person in the story is a sower. The person is completely described in Jesus’ parable by what they do for a living. We don’t know anything else, we don’t know the person’s age or gender, social status, talents, faith, personality… If someone were to write such a parable about me they would have to say ‘The nurse went out to nurse.’

I remember when my second son was a freshman in college. He is a math whiz kid with an almost photographic mind. He declared history as his major. I was flabbergasted! He explained to me that he needed to be a minister to serve God. He declared history because it would be a good base from which to study theology in seminary. After his second semester of getting C’s in his history classes, he switched to engineering. He excelled in engineering. He tells me now that he was glad he switched because he can make a good living for his family. He also volunteers to teach math and science in the schools around where he lives through a program set up by Lockheed Martin, his employer.

This week he is in Haiti at the Christian Light School teaching math. It is one thing he will be doing as a volunteer in mission there. He posted this on Facebook.

It is 10:38 PM in Port-Au-Prince. There’s no glass on the windows of our sleeping chamber. I hear:

Son Samuel and Granddaughter Jessica in Haiti

Son Samuel and Granddaughter Jessica in Haiti

Drums drumming
Roosters crowing
Men snoring
Insects cricketing
Bands playing
Leaves rustling
Children crying
Dogs barking
Motorcycles humming
Car horns blaring
Gates creaking

Added to shopping list: ear plugs 😉

And so, My Dear Ones who read here, an engineer went out to minister in Jesus’ name. No matter what words you would substitute for ‘sower’ and ‘to sow’ in the Scripture above, you are mission material. Is God calling?

Praying and memorizing,



5 comments on “An engineer went out to engine, not really

  1. I read yesterday’s comment with a smile, but went away, wanting to think about the “deeper” things that were there. It stirred up a lot of thoughts in me, some of which are rabbit trails and dead ends. I often wish I had a title like “sower” or nurse or something. I often say, I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. And that starts the viscious cycle of regrets and wondering. It has only been in the last few years that I have found some redemption of all my mistakes in mentoring younger ones and using those mistakes as examples and guiding lights.

    And I thought you should know that I never know what I’m doing and why I’m there. But at least something is getting done — perhaps not the intented job, but it was needed to be done anyway. So you can call me a roving robot like that automatic vacuum who just cleans up wherever I am.

    We are all sowers, aren’t we? No matter what we are doing, we are to sow!

    • Ah, Cora, I am always always always baffled when you say you don’t know what good you are doing in the Kingdom. As I poke around the blogs where we mutually frequent, invariably people are so very happy when you post and they say how much they miss you when you don’t. I remember when you posted to your own blog how dozens of people would comment and say how you blessed them. My goodness, I have my faithful few, but no where near the numbers read me who read you. AND THEN there is your incredible artsy style and exquisite poetry which you lay down without edit. It blows my mind. Sometimes it seems the ones God gifts with the greatest number of talents are those who least realize they have them. Perhaps that is why they do. He can entrust them with much and they don’t let it go to their heads. Truly, Cora, if I were you I wouldn’t know what to put in those places in the verse either. You have so many from which to choose. You are one of God’s lights. Susan said it well when she used the word encourager. All your life’s experiences make you such a good one. I know because you are so good for me. Loving you from way up north,

  2. Thank you, both of you, for your . . . . encouragement! I’ve often been called a Barnabus, and once head up a “Barnabus Commitee” in a church where we anonymously encouraged, thanked, and pushed people as they used their gifts and served the Lord thanklessly. I think those who tend to lurk in the shadows are more prone to see those who shed the most light and appreciate it. I always love coming here. It stirs my thinking process, encourages me, and always points me to the Giver of all Truth!

    • I love your coming here. We are a circle of friends. I had this when I was a teen, but never since then. I love it here, too, because of who comes here. I find it stirs my thinking, encourages my heart and I always meet Jesus in each and every one of you.

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