A SOWER went to sow

The more I look at this verse from Luke 8 the more I see. Today I see that it was not the hairdresser who went to sow or the dairy farmer or the janitor or the baker. It was the sower. Don’t you agree that it only makes logical sense to have the person who knows how to do the job best do the job? Intellectually I get this, but, somehow, this has escaped me in the practical, everyday living out of life. Let me share a story to illustrate what I mean.

IMG_4943I play the guitar, but not well. I don’t have an ear for music and can’t really discriminate sharps and flats. I can strum chords once I know what they should be and sing along with a group. My best friend in high school was just the opposite. If she sat down to an instrument for just a few weeks she could play it. Whatever the high school band needed that year she would prep in the summer and be ready by fall. She played everything from the xylophone to the baritone. She and I played guitars together. I followed her lead because she could hear the chord changes. I always wanted to lead, but I was not the guitarist. She was. When she and I went off to college, we went our separate ways. I wanted to play my guitar and lead the singing at our small group Bible study at college. I couldn’t, because there was no one there to lead. I was an utter failure. I put my guitar away and God raised up another young person who was a guitarist. He lead our group singing.

This is just one example from my life. There are many others, times when I thought I should do something and I wasn’t meant to do it. Yes, a SOWER went to sow. I have often seen churches not attending to this message. Someone complains that they are tired of their job in the church. They have done it for decades, but “there just isn’t anyone else to do it.” No, there wouldn’t be if the status quo is static. We must have the faith to step aside. God is the provider, He will meet the church’s needs or nudge someone with creative genius to redesign the program with what/who is available.



8 comments on “A SOWER went to sow

  1. I really loved your post today, Dawn. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve heard this taught. Most pastors believe this, but don’t say it from the pulpit for fear the few workers he has will quit! Back in my 30 somethings, my pastor did a whole in depth series on gifts. We all took the tests and came to conclusions as to what our personal gifts were. And I remember him saying that it is GOD who equips the church for the jobs needed to be done, and if there is no one in the church with that particular gift, then maybe that thing just isn’t meant to be.

    That whole study was very freeing to me. I am not a good children’s worker. I’m great with adults. And when people want to pressure me into nursery, or working with young teen girls, or kids Sunday School, I can now say no without feeling guilty.
    Just as you can’t lead with a guitar, I can’t teach kids. I can’t find the chords!!!!!

    As those of us who are getting older (and I hope wiser) and are watching younger ones find their niche in the church, I think we should get to know them better and search out their gifts and encourage them in what they do best. In my church, most of the younger ones do not have Christian parents who would have been best at this job of mentoring the gifts given their children. You are on to something here, Dawn!
    Something I’ve been thinking about for quite a while now.

  2. I found this strangely comforting, Dawn, and wondered why. After pondering this, I decided it’s probably because this wisdom is exactly what I need at the moment. (God is so good—and so timely!) I think I have just exhausted (and disappointed!) myself from trying to be what I am not.
    And such wisdom you’ve written! If only more churches would “get it” and have enough faith in God’s supply — and leading — to apply it! In a real emergency, people may need to do what isn’t their gifted area, but surely not as a long-continued practice.
    And Cora, how what a wise pastor you must have had in your thirties! Ah, for more like that!

  3. Great post, Dawn . . . and this is why it is pointless to berate and belittle ourselves or others if we/they do not excel in a particular field. While at the core of who we are as human beings we are all made in God’s image, we all reflect that image in unique ways. It reminds me of Moses and his request to see the God’s glory, which was, as you know, denied. “No one shall see Me and live.” God did however say that He would hide him in the cleft of the rock and cause His goodness to pass by, that he would get just the smallest glimpse of God’s glory. I have a hunch that this happens every day as we meet people, if our eyes are open to see His image in them, in the things that they excel in or come as natural as breathing. Just a few thoughts on the matter . . .

    About 3 years ago I bought a guitar and was going to learn how to play or so I thought. I know I really felt a strong impression that I was to buy it and I have had the desire to play. It is still sitting in my closet and has never been out of the bag.
    I have come to the conclusion that it is for someone else and so I wait to find out who the LORD had me buy a guitar for three years ago. As for me I will stick to what He has gifted ME with. Sorry for rambling on here, but it’s been a while and I so enjoy the discussions around this place.

    I would love to hear you play your guitar, sing a little tune with you, maybe around a campfire . . . ah daydreaming again.

  4. Ah, you Ladies that gather here: such encouragers. When I posted this I thought. “This certainly isn’t a great theological discourse. Perhaps I should just skip it, but I couldn’t. It was another lesson I received from the parable of the sower and, even if it were only for me, it was a lesson. My, oh my, when I came here and saw my Lovies had all left lengthy responses my heart swelled. I was so blessed that it spoke to you in even bigger ways than I was able to frame it. That’s what I love about the comments section. I grow beyond what I post and get the encouragement to continue tomorrow.

    I wanted to mention that Amy Carmichael said on the mission field that she had to rely on the Creator God for those gifts she lacked. She relied on Him to create them if they were truly needed. Right now I am at a fork in the road with Parish Nursing. I am not a good leader for it, but He has provided no one else…yet. I think Cherie would be perfect, but she doesn’t feel the call. I am relying on our Creator God. Won’t you pray with me?

    Your love makes me sing! One day we will do it…together!

    • Dawn, I had to smile when I read your reply here and Cherie who “doesn’t feel the call.” Back when I was a teenager and early 20’s I felt so confused and almost “left out” because I never “felt the call” to go to any mission field, etc. Then, an older, seemingly cranky, well seasoned mission executive said, “If there’s a need and you can fill it, do you REALLY need a personal, spoken invitation from God before you move to do it?” If we all did what we can do, the job would have been done long ago, wouldn’t it?

    • This is really fabulous. If we really desire to be like Jesus we will develop our no. I have a 40 minute drive to work. This is good food for thought this afternoon while I drive. Tea in one hand, I’m out the door. Thanks for sharing this, Cora. God bless you.

  5. How fun! I catch the tail end of it all but love it all the same… It is true, the sower went to sow…that is how it gets done ‘the best’. That is why I was so puzzled when my science type husband was called in continually to teach art! He would get a class plan ready from my art suggestions as I was the so called ‘artist’ and he would go trembling into this uncommon field of expertice for him. This though was exactly the stretching my husband needed to be fully equipped for the service God had planned for him. He studied to be a science/ math specialist… a mechanical/electrical engineer… a doctor of education. He presently is teaching grade five! Ten year olds! All his training landed him for almost ten years now teaching grade five. I find it remarkable though, that all the kids in the entire school want him for a teacher; families have been known to move so that their kids can be in his class. Moses was highly trained and ended up doing menial work. Daniel was a Shepherd and ended up a king. Life’s lessons all along our path, including all our disappointments often lead us to the work ‘God’ wants us to do… never be surprised… it could even be pulling out a dusty guitar from under the bed… it might be where God wants you now…or maybe not 🙂 Rest in Him and He will lead and it will be exactly the right thing…
    I loved all the comments… awesome people you all are!
    I am presently enjoying all the things a Gramma does… sigh

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