Moses’ code word

And so…the Preacher taught us Moses’ secret word. The word that foreshadowed sin was just around the corner. The word? East. It seems that whenever the people sinned they went east. East from the Garden of Eden after the first sin. Cain went east to Nod after he killed Abel. The builders of the Tower of Babel went east and established Babylon after God confused their language to keep them from sinning. Today Lot and Abram divided the land between the two of them. Lot went east (drum roll please) right into Sodom and Gomorrah, the pits of sin. Counting the things I am thankful for, I realize today that I am thankful

#1020 that all my easts are covered by the blood of Jesus.

#1021 that my husband didn’t get upset when I missed the exit to go to church today.

#1022 that my friend Vickie at work gives me hugs even when I am not my best self.

#1023 my church family understood why I couldn’t sit with them in church today: I was coughing so much it was irritating and I was contagious.

#1024 for the Emmanuel cards Susan made me. I put one in a frame to set on the shelf over my bed [see header above] to remind me everyday that this year is God with us.

#1025 for the glory of winter: white snow, icicles, snowflakes and crisp air.IMG_3100

#1026 Sebastian sits with me in the evening and morning.

#1027 an eerie fog resting over everything this morning.

#1028 every wrinkle I see when I look in the mirror. Each one was well-earned and says to the world, “This is a woman of experience!”

#1029 my children are all adults with vision.

#1030 lemons in my glass of water.

#1031 German Sweet Chocolate cake [not necessarily with the lemon water] for my mother’s husband’s birthday.

JessicaHaiti#1032 my granddaughter loving Haiti and not wanting to return home.

#1033 large mailing envelopes bring me news and presents from far away.

#1034 being fired the way I was last year, I am able to minister to so many receiving the same exact treatment. Two more this week. I can really ‘be with’ them.

#1035 the caution light of a traffic signal. I love how it gives me a warning that things are about to change.

#1036 my friend Deb got to go to the Vatican and play her flute for the pope. She is a devote Catholic so I know this was a highlight of her life. She so deserved this opportunity.

#1037 the heavens

#1038 a furnace, hot water heater and washer and dryer that work.

#1039 my husband sleeping in his chair beside me while the football game is on. He can’t even hear me coughing and I’m really coughing a lot.

With the Multitudes on Monday with Ann,

God is with us,



6 comments on “Moses’ code word

  1. Hm, wow. Number #1028:
    ” every wrinkle I see when I look in the mirror. Each one was well-earned and says to the world, “This is a woman of experience!”
    Now, I have to remember this perspective! It’s certainly not what I think when I look in the mirror and see the wrinkles! hah! (Thanks for this.)
    As for the “direction” of sin… so we should say “went east,” instead of “went south”!
    I hope you feel all better soon.

  2. Now I’m confused. I thought the people “back east” were stodgy old clean-cut religious conservatives and those “out west” were liberal young if-it-feels-good-do-it types. Hmmm… So much for that stereotype. OH!! Right!!! Washington DC … back east!! Now I get it!! Sin: east: Washington DC ! Ok. Makes sense now!

    I stole and saved your PA country photo… It warms my soul on several levels. I love it! And you!! Your thinking provokes mine. Your thanking provokes mine, too.

  3. This is a very fine list… Iiked your 1020 the best! God is our miracle maker always.
    1024 was sweet! And as for your cough… so sorry my friend.
    #1 rest
    #2 ginger root tea
    #3 warm salt water gargles
    #4 home made chicken soup
    #5 vicks vapor rub on the bottom of the feet and then socks on / do this before you crawl into bed… it will help you sleep and not cough.

    I will be praying for you

  4. I like 1020 the best, too! Where in the world would I be if all my “easts” were not covered by grace. I was doing a study on Lot’s wife a while back and I thought of how great a cost it was just to look back and long for what was back there in Sodom instead of looking ahead to what God had promised. Home IS where the heart is, isn’t it? May I always face the west.

    I pray you will be feeling better soon, Dawn! So far, I’ve been spared and pray it stays that way.

  5. Dawn, thank you for your lovely sentiments about our trip to Italy. We didn’t get to play our flutes for the Pope, but we did play during a concert. The choir sang at the 10:30 Mass on the 30th (no Pope), but we were part of the prelude for the Papal Mass on the 1st! The concert of which I wrote was for the general public and we charged no fee – we were singing for the Lord and it doesn’t get any better than that!

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