Absolutely no glitter


“You can do whatever you want, make whatever you want to make. You can cut, paste, glue gun, emboss, press and score, but you may not use glitter.” These are the absolute famous last words of my husband as I craft. Glitter drives him to the brink of insanity. Shiny specks on the floor, in the sink, on my face and in my hair signal I have not heeded his admonition. Then when he empties the trash there are the empty glitter containers and the telltale sparkles in the fur of our pups as he lets them out into the yard. Yes, for Dawn to use glitter I would have to work in a clean room. By a clean room, I mean the kind of room equipped with super hepa – filters that filter out minute particles every millisecond. I saw such a room at the US Aeronautical and Space Administration in Gaithersburg, Maryland. People dressed in space-like suits were making parts for the Hubble telescope and they could not risk a piece of glitter falling on the apparatus. They had too much invested in the absolute complete accuracy of what they were making.

So, here I am, a lone card maker in a glitter-less world, trying to make elegant cards without the key element of elegance, you guessed it…glitter.  Well, last night on my way home from work I was driving in very thick fog. The temperature was just at freezing and I had to drive very slowly because I could not see very far ahead on the road. Having to drive 35 miles at 40 mph was a bit frustrating when I can usually drive it at 65 mph. However, as I slowed something glorious happened: the droplets in the fog cloud I was driving through were just frozen enough to be like floating glitter all around me. Can you imagine this? I was transported to a magical world that surrounded me my whole way home. Sometimes the fog would break and I got a clear shot ahead, but then I lost the glitter. Isn’t this what Ann has been telling us over at aholyexperience.com? If we slow down, we will see so much more. At a slower pace, we will be so much more thankful because we can realize all He has given us. Last night he gave me glitter. It was enough to last a lifetime. I will never forget it. I found a link on YouTube of someone who had seen the same glitter in the daylight. He called them pogonip ice crystals. Here is his clip, but I can assure you seeing these in the nighttime in the headlights of your car and streaming from the lights of the street is even more beautiful.

God is with us,

6 comments on “Absolutely no glitter

  1. Ohmagoodness! And I just went out and bought… glitter! (Prompted by you saying how much you like it, and thinking how my Christmas cards would look so much more Christmasy with it in strategic spots.) The set of containers are right behind me on the little desk beneath the window on the other side of this small room. But glitter verboten! How dreadful!

    Yet God does these things!! I love it!! I call this kind of happening a “private joke with God” — even though you are making this one public. 🙂 I have had a number of secret, private jokes with God that came about under similar circumstances! It just astounds me, His Daddy-love for us that expresses itself in this way — and His delightful brand of humor!

  2. I just LOVE Sylvia’s term, “A private joke with God”. Sometimes it just happens and we drop our jaws in awe. The idea that God took notice of such a small thing that it is hardly worth mentioning or arguing over, and made it a “biggie” for us. I don’t doubt, though, that those of us who have learned to LOOK and SEE the blessings bestowed on us have also gained an unusally good eyesight for spotting them everywhere we are. I’m so glad, Dawn, you got to see this. Just beautiful.

    By the way, There are embossing powders that have some mica glitter in them, and also “glitter glue.” Modge Podge now comes with glitter in it, and there are “glitter glues” that come in colors. That would give you a little “sparkle” without getting on anything else. I was never one who cared one way or another about glitter on cards, etc. But now that I’m into it, I LOVE it. Lindy’s Stamp Gang has the neatest sprays that have the sparkle right in them. Some are paints with sparklies, some are just the sparkle without background color. You spray them on your project and they look so pretty. They are kind of like the Tattered Angels sparkle mists, but much better. I have their whole line. There are recipes on the internet for making these yourself with mica dust, etc. Much cheaper than buying those little sprays! Now I want to send your hubby a card full of glitter!!!!

  3. pogonip ice crystals on video… how awesome
    now I have a name for them as they dance around me on the way to my walks. Thank you dear friend! Thank you dear Lord that we can share Your gifts together…
    meanwhile I will sleep so tomorrow I can hug a little baby some more 🙂 and maybe show him some little pogonips!

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