The first sin of the day

scary prayer

O Lord of Grace,

I have been hasty and short in private prayer.

O quicken my conscience to feel this folly

to bewail this ingratitude;

My first sin of the day leads into others.

and it is just that Thou shouldst withdraw Thy presence

from one who waited carelessly on Thee.

Keep me at all times from robbing Thee,

and from depriving my soul of Thy due worship;

~ The Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers & Devotions by Arthur Bennett, p. 90

A prayerless start of the day is sin. This insight cut through me like a knife.

12 For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. Hebrews 4:12 (NKJV)

This poignant revelation sent me reeling. My heart is not in a good place when it does not check in with the Father before making any movements in my day. I must say morning comes IMG_4908too early for this woman who works 3 pm – 11 pm and has a 45 minute commute that lengthens her work day to 9 1/2 hours. The puppy begs for his morning walk about 7:30 am and most times I’m just getting my eyes open as I put his harness on to go out the door. I don’t groom myself. I am still asleep as I dress and somehow find shoes in the half dark morning. Once I have completed the half hour walk with Mickey, I am really awake and feeling good, but I haven’t prayed. My husband and I eat breakfast, read the Bible and then we read from the prayer book. This is ok, but I still haven’t worshiped or taken my personal issues to the throne of grace. Such intimacy in prayer is what I rob from God and of which I deprive my soul.

May I no longer ignore Him Who chooses to be with me,



5 comments on “The first sin of the day

  1. Oh my gosh! Earlier this week, I identified this as the source of my heart not being where it ought to be when I got to work. And you are right! Just because I have read my Scripture for the day and read the prayers that were with it, doesn’t mean I’ve worshipped or taken my issues to the throne of Grace. It’s hurry, hurry for me in the mornings too… But I make time to look for email or FB messages from my kids!

    I am printing off this prayer and will meditate on it every day of Lent before my worship. Thank you for sharing as you always do, such good pondering fodder. Lord, help me become……..

    • Carrie,

      To know you came to this revelation the same time as I did blesses my heart. I thank you for letting me know. God is so good giving us comrades to walk with us as we grow in Him. Love you!

  2. I saw that you had posted when I opened my email, and the title to your post was there with those searching words, “The first sin of the day.” I almost didn’t want to read it, because my mind was whizzing around bringing up each day of the week and how it started . . . terribly. No biggies, but as Carrie said, I also found time to check in on the computer, have my coffee with Italian Sweet Cream creamer, stand in the freezing cold while Buster did his business, etc., etc. Then I wonder why I can’t gather thoughts for a blog post, etc. The worst thing was, on Wednesday morning, I realized my Bible was still in the car from Sunday. . . and I hadn’t even missed it. Shame on me! It’s one thing to really miss those sacred times, but it’s another thing to have locked my doors and left Him out in the cold! I’m with Carrie here. . .I need this prayer plastered on my placemat so I can pray it in the mornings with my coffee!!!!! Thank you, Dawn. It was just what I needed tonight!

    • Cora,
      I thought you might not come because of the intimidating title. You are so sensitive when you err that the quilt rises so easily. Your heart is so in tune with Him that you hear every whisper. I think I need spiritual hearing aids because I know I miss His promptings so much more than I ever even realize. If I were as sensitized as you, it would be overwhelming. He gives me just about all I can handle –a tug here, a reminder there. If I knew all my omissions and commissions, I could not bear it.

      I smiled as I thought about your Bible in the car since Wednesday. That happens to me, too. Only when I leave God in the car, He is freezing these days. I have Bibles all over the house, but MY Bible is so critical when I want to do serious study. I can find things so much easier and I have notes throughout it from studies I did previously that I can find no where else.

      This prayer issue, though, is big. I am going to make it a part of my walk with Mickey. He won’t care that I’m talking out loud to God. A dog will let you do anything and scamper along with joy! They have their business to do and, now, I have mine.

      Thanks for dropping in, Cora!

  3. I am so glad you will pray while you are walking Mickey. HE will enjoy it I promise! My dogs watch me and wag their tails while I talk to God on my walks or while I millk my goats. They believe they are invited to take part and their eyes tell me they understand the sweet fellowship!
    I don’t leave my pillow until I have laid everything before the Lord each morning… it just continues on through the day 🙂
    In a world where it is not always easy to find good listeners, God always hears me. I have so much joy waiting with Him, gaining all the strength I need for the day. Learning to also be quiet so I can hear Him too…
    O Lord of Grace… we are here with you because of your grace. Thank you Dear Lord!

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