Fishy thanksgiving


Do you have passages of the Bible that simply bore you? I mean, you have read the passage and heard so many sermons about it that you just breathe a long sigh and prepare to “endure” the reading one more time. You put a smile on your face and are polite, but you’d really rather just be reading anything else? That is how I felt when my Saturday Bible Study focused on Jonah. I didn’t even want to read the book of Jonah because I KNEW it…or so I thought. Here is what I found in Jonah 2:9, 10

I will sacrifice unto Thee with a voice of thanksgiving…and the fish vomited out Jonah upon the dry ground.

jonah inn the whale fractal

I had never seen that in the book of Jonah before. Jonah giving thanks IN the belly of the whale. Apparently the fish could not ‘stomach’ the praise. Sunday we had communion in my church and I was struck again that the night he was betrayed Jesus broke bread and when he had given thanks He broke it and gave it to His disciples. In the MIDST of the hard times we have modeled for us thanksgiving and so

I am thankful for

#1085 Doctor radio on Sirrius XM Channel 81. Every day on my way to work I get to listen to the wonderful clinicians at Langdone Medical Center in New York City. What a privilege!    satellite-radio-oem-system-800x800Its like getting to listen to 2 continuing education programs each work day. I listen coming from and going to work.

#1086 that I have a job I love and can do at my age.

#1087 unfolding revelations at my city’s community hospital.

#1088 those that I have trouble forgiving are being constantly thrown in my path and I must face the forgiveness issue.

#1089 days of rest. I have not been able to blog for almost two weeks. I miss everyone here. I want to be here but I have been just so very tired. In God’s grace He gave me this simple thanksgiving meditation and, I believe, this is a God-breathed blog today.

#1090 my bad legs and how they ache. They cause me to be slow and I am so blessed to have been force to slow down. I have become sensitized to other slow ones around me and I have noticed things that I just simply would not have noticed at the fast pace I kept as a much younger woman with healthy, youthful legs.

#1091 my hospice dog stopped crying last night as I was able to figure out how to ease his pain.1025001029

riches-300x292#1092 my sister is getting a huge tax refund which she desperately needed to fix up her rental property after her old tenant left. We are praying that building will become the future family practice offices for two physicians we love. Won’t you join us in praying that for them and us?

#1093 my husband is thinking about getting further tests to get a diagnosis for his symptoms. This is HUGE, Folks!

#1094 my husband put fresh batteries in the smoke detector instead of just taking the old ones out. We had a fire in our sun room and the smoke detectors went off which caused my husband to jump out of the shower and extinguish the flames before they got too widespread.

#1096 sleep

#1097 crock pots that cook whatever I throw in them slowly and tenderly.


#1098 my coworker lets me go home early Saturday night from work so that I get enough sleep to drive my to his Sunday preaching assignments.

#1099 that I only have to work every third weekend. After 8 years of working all weekends, I feel like I’ve arisen from the dead. ha!

#1100 the people in my church love the Parish Nurse spots I put in the bulletin. Praise God for His grace!

Oh, one more thing…I am learning if I am obedient, He rewards that obedience. It is at the point of obedience He can demonstrate the vastness of His unfathomable amazing grace. I read Jonah out of obedience, and I got really blessed.

God is with us,


9 comments on “Fishy thanksgiving

  1. Oh, Dawn, this is so heart warming! So glad to see you “back.” I knew you were juggling a lot and working late hours, and figured you must be tired. This was an insightful post, with gracious and thoughtful “thankses.” I feel like quoting most of your last paragraph, since I’m still writing about the “O” in my “one word” CLOSER standing for “Obey.” You’ve given a wonderful testimony to the value, the riches, in obedience.
    Blessing on you, sister!

    • Oh, Sylvia, I struggled and struggled with that one line. I don’t think we only get grace when we obey, but when we do obey we plug into the power source and then He takes us beyond what we could ever ask or think. Again, I think He gives grace without obedience–He died for us while we were yet sinners, but my how we up the ante when we do obey. Obedience positions us for His blessing. I’m still thinking through this, but I think you can see what I mean.

  2. yes, God is with us! When we are exhausted and overwhelmed, He is with us. When we press on to the mark before us and some are called home on the way, God is still with us… He will never forsake us. We can offer Thanksgiving and obey His desires and He is still with us. We are indeed a blessed people.
    I love all your gratitudes Dawn and will be praying with you.
    I was out under the stars tonight and seeing the multitude of them and realizing God knows them each by name, how much more does He ‘know’ us. He understands our weaknesses and comes along beside us and offers His yoke upon us … for His burden is light and His yoke is easy…Yes, We are indeed a blessed people!

    • I can’t help but think how different God’s ways are from ours. I just spent an hour with a woman who was fired from the hospital about 6 months after me and we have the perspective of time to look back and see some of God’s gracious handiwork in our lives through what we initially thought was the worst thing that could have happened to us workwise. As we sipped our coffee and enumerated all His blessings since the ‘tragedy,’ we were amazed at how God had orchestrated it all for our good. He is with us through everything: the valley of the shadow of death, the belly of the fish, the shift of economic times…! Love you, Susan. You shine as the stars.

  3. Hey girl . . . good to see you here. I’ve been checking frequently but figured you were very very busy. So glad you have a little rest time. Thanking the LORD for His many goodnesses to you and your beloveds.

  4. I love how you calmly thank for the smoke detectors. WHAT??? YOU HAD A FIRE IN YOUR SUNROOM??? I want to yell…”Are you all ok? Are the pups ok? Is your man ok?” Obviously, you are all well…praise God! I hope he wasn’t naked, fighting the fire, but I hardly think he dressed for the occasion. Oh, my dear God, thank you, thank you, for averting disaster in Dawn’s home. Great list on all accounts. God, help Dawn stay strong. We do slow down, but we still are. And we still can!

    • Carrie,

      I truly love you. You are such a right here/right now/I’m there person. You could feel the panic and see the man. You are a hoot. Anyway, you see the candle at the header of my blog with Jesus carrying His cross to Calvary. That is no more. Both Russ and I forgot the candles and have agreed that we are no longer responsible enough to burn candles in this way. I will truly miss the cradle to the cross wreath, but I praise God He spared our home. BIG praises, Carrie, which you amplified here. Bless you, Dear Sister! ahem, almost-retired Sister. I need to put a check on the envy bug here…but praising Him for that, too, just the same.

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