You won’t have to lift a finger


But Moses told the people, “Don’t be afraid. Just stand where you are and watch the Lord rescue you. The Egyptians that you see today will never be seen again. The Lord Himself will fight for you. You won’t have to lift a finger in your defense.” Exodus 14:13,14


When you have been wronged you want to fight to make it right. Instinctively you want to ‘get even,’ My sister was wrongly accused of embezzlement of funds and lost her job of 30 years. I was wrongly accused of being toxic to patients and lost my job of 8 years. Another friend was released from her special education position in the public schools because the authorities found marijuana on her property. It has been years, but one by one all of us are being exonerated. My sister’s accusers have been stripped of their credentials and are facing prison sentences for the very embezzlement of which they accused her. I have a letter from Human Resources at my former place of employment that all the accusations made against me could not be proven. My teacher friend has been exonerated in a court of law and given the ok to teach again. She does not want to go back, but is glad for the exoneration. All of us feel the same way. We do not want to go back to Egypt. Today’s Scripture can be such an encouragement to if you are in a hard spot. He knows what He is doing and He says to all of us

19 Do not avenge yourselves, dear friends, but give place to God’s wrath, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay,” says the Lord. Romans 12:19 (NET)

When God says to ‘give place to God’s wrath.’ I think that means to make a clear path for God to move. Get out of the way,  just stand and watch. I have been doing that for 14 months and as I have been standing, I am seeing how He is unfolding His plans. It is marvelous to behold. It will be magnificent to see my own Red Sea part. I have seen my sister’s Red Sea part and my teacher friend’s Red Sea part. They were practice sessions for me. My day is coming. The pillar of cloud/fire has my back. I am ok.

Today I had coffee with a friend who was falsely accused by her employer and let go. She did not fight, was given a management position in another company and is finding that now many from her old employer are coming to her for jobs. She has a sense of victory and vindication. God moved her to a better place and people are recognizing her position of power. We praise God for His favor.

He is with us,



4 comments on “You won’t have to lift a finger

  1. I felt like a cheer leader when I read this, Dawn. I think of myself as so special for having had the privilege of following you down that path and watching God work on your behalf. You know, one thing I have noticed in life is that one of the first things children learn to do is defend themselves and find excuses and place blame elsewhere. They can hardly talk, yet, they babble out their defenses. I guess it just built into that fallen nature of ours to build ourselves up and fight for ourselves. To not “lift a finger” is one of the hardest things for me to do. I am a defender of people. I want to step in and make things right. Not only for myself, but for others. To a point, I think we should speak up, step up and interfere when others are being unjustly treated. But there are times even then that we need to just shut up and let God do His thing in His time and His way. The ultimate beauty in that option is that it always seems to happen “above all that we could ask or think.” And it always leaves us scratching our heads saying, “Who would have thought. . . .???!!!”

    I read something yesterday that really struck me: I think it came from one of Henry Blackabee’s studies. It said, When we learn something new about the character of God, we need to adjust our lives accordingly. As I read your post, Dawn, I thought about all we have learned about the character of God through your walk with Him, and how we need to adjust OUR lives with those truths in mind. One adjustment I need to make is “not to lift a finger in my defense.” Beautiful!!!!

    • I think you really spoke volumes here about the difference between offense and defense. If I am guarding myself after a wrong that would be a defensive move, but when others are being treated unfairly and need assistance I may need to make an offensive move in order to defend them. Hmmmm, let me think about this a bit more. I think your “speak up, step up and interfere” part is offensive. Defending them may necessitate an offensive because you are not responding to something done to you, but initiating moves to thwart further injustices. Is that right?

      What I am thinking as I leave my response is: I must be very mindful to quell the angst when I am wronged, but never become immune to abuses done to others. If I could replace the feelings of the former and direct them more to the latter, I would truly experience a Godly adjustment. Thank you, Cora.

  2. He is with us… Dawn I simply need this post to share with our congregation… Romans 12:19 was in our study with them last week and this wraps it up beautifully!
    Thank you dear friend for sharing your heart so amazingly! HE is with us!
    you shared ~When God says to ‘give place to God’s wrath.’ I think that means to make a clear path for God to move. Get out of the way, just stand and watch. ~ love this!

  3. Ah, Susan, when I think of the plagues that brought the Egyptians to this point at the Red Sea, I know I surely don’t want to be a part of God’s wrath. I gladly step aside and clear the way, glad He is with us, not against us.

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