Does the Holy Spirit trouble you?


An Indian Benediction

Now may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,

and the love of God the Father be with you;

and may the Holy Spirit come upon you

and disturb you and trouble you,

and set before you an impossible task

and dare you to do it;

until in your desperation

you fall on your knees
and remain there until he fills you
with his power

which alone will enable you to do it;

and then…but only then,

may the Lord grant you his peace.


Alan Vincent, former missionary to India and a great Biblical expositor, once preached a sermon that changed my perspective of the Holy Spirit. He said the Holy Spirit as a Comforter is like a farmer with a pitchfork or a soldier with a bayonet. He said that, “Yes, the Holy Spirit will bring peace, but only once the job is done.” The word “comfort” comes from “com” that means “with” and “forte” which means strength/power. The Holy Spirit comes “with power”. Remember the book of Acts?! Jesus told the disciples to wait for the Holy Spirit — for He would bring them power. Good advice, after all, they were being sent to change the world.

He is with us, in power,



3 comments on “Does the Holy Spirit trouble you?

  1. Never thought of the Com forte r as Disturber, but you know, I think you’re right (although He’s also much more than that). I certainly have experienced (more than once) an impossible God-given task set before me which brought me to my knees in desperation, and then with His power alone I was able to do it. I often think of Ezekiel in this context, whom God told to stand on his feet just after his knees turned to jello. I don’t think he could have, but the next thing the text says is that the Spirit entered Him and stood him on his feet.
    Yes, God does give us impossible tasks that we can’t do. And yes, they’re usually quite disturbing! But then when we surrender, fall on our knees and call on Him to work through us, He does what we can’t, and the glory’s all His.

    Thanks much for this post, Dawn. I needed this perspective right now. God bless!

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