Present thankgiving


I think we can all remember being in a roll call at one time or another. You indicate you are here by answering when your name is called. I was struck in church today by the number of times God called out to people and they answered. “Here I am.” Abraham when he is about to sacrifice Isaac, Samuel when he is learning under the tutelage of Eli, Isaiah in the days of King Uzziah. Today I am here with my gratitude list. God called me and I answered, “Here I am.” I give thanks for

#1101 a sweet spirit from an unexpected place.

#1102 a trio of Christian pharmacists: one who donates pharmaceuticals from his store so we can help people at St Anthony’s Free medical clinic, one who volunteers his time at clinic to help physicians help patients, and one who got an expensive drug for me for next to nothing by going through the purchase agent at a hospital he deals with and so we could get it for the bulk price.

#1103 a group of women who pray with power.

#1104 women at work who are team players and really care for patients.

#1105 bosses who really want to know how to improve work conditions and are not threatened when a worker has an idea.

#1106 the “no-ego zone” where I work.

#1107 the expansion of nursing in this time of transition in health care and for my new role in case management and how I fell into this growing segment of health care and love it.

#1108 beavers building dams.


#1109 steam making glitter on the stainless steel in my bathroom.

#1110 stars sparkling like diamonds in a clear night sky.

#1111 a turkey club sandwich in whole grain ciabatta bread with a large cup of organic green dragon hot tea.

#1112 all my children caring for the poor: one with a furniture ministry for the poor in his neighborhood, one raising money for a well for a community in Haiti, one giving her time to care for children of friends, and one helping a church serve meals and make the holidays brighter for those who have nowhere to go.

#1113 bird songs.

He is with us,



6 comments on “Present thankgiving

  1. Hi Dawn,
    Here I am . . . loving the bird songs and that you have a couple of glittery thank-you’s, How beautiful that all your children have a heart of compassion for the the less fortunate . . . they haven’t fall too far from the tree I’d say.
    Hugs to you and that Preacher-man of yours.

    • When I put the bird songs there I thought of you and all your lovely photos of birds. I am so glad you mentioned them and noticed the glitter. I wish I could have taken a picture of the steamy glitter. I simply ran out of time.

    • Hugs back to you, Andrea Dawn, as you heal in the loving community of your daughter, friends and extended family. We in cyberspace hold you up in prayer and pray you can sense our presence even though earthly miles separate.

  2. Like Andrea I am just so glad for all these marvelous gifts God daily bestows~ Eduardo has also been commenting to me on the Spring birds~ It does bring so much hope and joy! i have been enjoying our snow glitter under bright skies ~ two friends home with the Lord this week~ prayers have been lifted and His peace is abundant~ a heart glitter to know the joy in heaven for these two precious ones. I am also blessed at your new work and all the benefits in the camaraderie…
    God remains the I Am, the Faithful One, the Everlasting Father, our great Comforter, our Redeemer and Friend~ so much to be thankful for today.

    • Ah, the names of God, what peace, what comfort, what amazement in Who He is. We only know in part, someday we will know all. It’s no wonder we can not be trusted with such knowledge this finite side of heaven. We would simply burst! Love you!

  3. Thank you for mentioning our pharmacists, Dawn! The pharmacist who donates the meds also donates his time! He is usually with us on Monday evenings! Thanks be to God!

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