The see-saw of life

0404001115aIt occurred to me today that life is like a see-saw. In the beginning of life we are usually physically well, strong, energetic and so sure we know everything so our physical self is up in the air but the emotional and spiritual selves are just babies and are really low in the balance of life. As we age and reach young adulthood and career-building/childrearing stages our spiritual and emotional lives should have matured and our physical selves have reached a plateau so I would place the see-saw level on both sides. I think the see-saw inches up and down during the middle of life at varying stages of level until our bodies begin to lose their physical abilities and stamina wanes. As the physical side of life drops, the spiritual and emotional sides, honed through experience, hard knocks and practice begin to rise. As we near heaven our bodies may not be much at all, but our spirits may soar.

I talked with a wonderful woman after church today and she was a bit down because her mother’s cancer may be back. This week my sister took her husband to the hospital because he could not breathe (he has only one lung). My own husband has been itching and burning as a side effect of his chronic polycythemia vera. Aging brings many physical challenges, but we can still rejoice because we know He is faithful. Our spirits resonate with His Spirit: we are His children and He’s getting us ready to live with Him forever.

When I was young, I could only hope to see. Now that I am old, I can say that I saw. I am thankful for what I saw today:

#1114 geese flying north

#1115 robin songs

#1116 icicle decorations from trees and water falls

#1117 plants catching snowflakesIMG_0134#1118 Clyde got a new knee and he’s gone from walking with a walker to walking with a cane

#1119 little ones learning to take up the offering in church

#1120 two young people in the church passed all their tests and got police jobs in the same town

#1121 Crystal got a shocking diagnosis about her eyes, but found a surgeon who can replace her corneas and keep her sighted

#1122 son says learning a new computer code language, how to play the piano and how to knit rejuvenated his life

IMG_0140#1123 putting together jigsaw puzzles with my grandson

#1124 church women feeding the “hungries” with Josie in Belize through financial support of her ministry

#1125 all new tables and chairs for our church social hall to serve the community well

#1126 antifreeze in the toilet so we can flush it

#1127 both churches doubling in attendance

#1127 remembering Passover with my brothers and sisters in the Jewish faith, to me, a foreshadowing of Holy Week


#1128 that God was with a beloved church woman who had blood clots in her lungs and is just now beginning to breathe easier after one month

#1129 that church people are discerning about their faith and we talk about concerns together

#1130 fine “snow” sparkling in the breeze as it is blown from tall pines

#1131 the sweetness of a 5-year-old grandson as he hands the seat belt to me and Pop Pop while riding in his family’s car because “seat belts are hard to find when you are in a different car”.

#1132 organic eggs from free-range hens

#1133 first daughter got all her taxes filed and paid while purchasing a new car

#1134 second daughter interested in furthering her education

#1135 medicare choices are beginning to make sense (it’s a miracle)

He is with us,


5 comments on “The see-saw of life

  1. Interesting metaphor, that see-saw. Sometimes mine has seemed to go every which way, but if we know Him and walk with Him, it should go just as you picture. I also love your gratitudes—and best of all is the last one! Immanuel!

    • The see-saw came to me today talking to the woman at church about her mother. Her mother is a spiritual giant in these latter years of her life. She is such a wonderful matriarch. Her physical condition does not make her seem less strong. She is at the up end of the see-saw spiritually. It’s a good place to be in old age. I must remember that.

  2. Dawn, this was just so good and so very honest and true! I can remember those see-saw days, and even some days when there was an added merry-go-round in the mix! Throw in the darkness of depression, the bitter taste of disappointments, etc., and you have experiences you never want to go through again. As I read this, I thought of the chapter in Ann’s book about seeing life best through the rear view mirror. I think that chapter, more than any other, helped me get an honest perspective on how God directs our lives with purpose, direction, safety, and love, even though we cannot see ahead, around the curves, over the mountains, etc. For me, the see-saw does not fly up and down as much anymore. Even through the cancer journey, I somehow found that I was level. Can I say here that perhaps the Lord Himself was siting on the other end of that see-saw, keeping me in just the right place where my feet touched the ground. I’ll call it “see-saw grace!” — when normally, we would either fly through the air or clunk our bottoms on the ground, there we are, strong and steady. To run, and not be weary, to walk and not faint, to rise up on wings like eagles. . . only God Himself can cause us to do that. And your list, Dawn? I can’t pick one. Perhaps I will pick the Robin songs . . . only because I smiled, knowing they made it safely home from my backyard cherry laurel tree.

  3. 1114…Today, I saw my first Canadian goose fly over our fields to our beaver dam nesting grounds~ my heart was glad at the song above but to see only one made me realize the mate may be gone~ or perhaps it was getting ready to nest. Aging is saying goodbye to so many dear and faithful friends but also preparing to meet the many that have gone before… either way we win… Because of Jesus, death has been swallowed up in Victory. A very blessed Easter to all my beloveds ❤
    1122 ❤
    1131 🙂
    God is indeed with us
    Jesus is Risen
    He is risen indeed!
    Thank you for sharing all these blessings~
    love you dear friend~ hugs to your precious man from us here in Canada

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