American idols

Multitude on Mondays hearts

Today I was reading Hebrews 13: 5-8 and I was stuck again with the idea of covetousness. To not covet is the final commandment of the 10 from Moses. It seems to sum up the first 9. Covetousness is an incessant need, desire or craving for something one does not have. It is especially egregious if the desired object belongs to someone else.  One can be so enamored with what they do not have that they can be in a constant state of agitation, robbed of peace and never content.

Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee. Hebrews 13:5

I just spent the weekend with my daughter. She is the most content person I know. In whatever state she finds herself, she makes it work. She does not complain, does not judge and gives others the benefit of the doubt when she can’t figure something out. She lives without regard Joyce at Brickyardto her personal well-being, consistently considering the comfort and security of others before her own. This is as natural to her as breathing. Here are some of the things she said and did while she was with me. I share them with you on this Multitudes on Monday in the Ann Voskamp community so you will know how thankful I am that she is my daughter:

#1136 she told me her 2 room-mates left the apartment they had rented together and didn’t pay their 2/3 of the rent. She said, “That happens. Sometimes I couldn’t pay my part and someone covered for me. I guess it’s my turn to cover for others.”

#1137 she was committed to her “work at home” job even though she was visiting me and her dad. She sets 8 hours aside every day to get the work done that her boss loads into her lap top no matter where she is. She says her boss depends on her.

#1138 she found out she was getting $600.00 back as a tax refund, but also found out she owed $600.00 in taxes elsewhere. She could have taken the one and ignored the other. She paid the other with the one.

#1139 she took care of her dad all weekend while I worked and pushed him around the mall in his wheel chair to ‘get him out a bit’.

#1140 she held our little hospice pup while she worked on her laptop and held his feeding dish up near his muzzle to make it easier for him to eat his food.

#1141 she went with me to both church services on Sunday. The one woman at church said, “I just love your daughter. She tells what her life is like and it makes me think of some of the stuff I’ve done. She is so real.”

#1142 she played with the toddler of a former student of mine when we met them in the grocery store so I could reminisce with my student without interruption.

#1143 she called her new room-mate on the phone to make sure she was ok and then called me over to the phone so we could “meet” one another.

#1144 not a morning person, she got up early every day so she could be with me as I walked the youngest dog because I had to work in the afternoon.

#1145 she called when she got home. I miss her already.

He is with us this Monday,



12 comments on “American idols

  1. So beautiful, Dawn! There is something that radiates from a person who is content in life — and sometimes that can be so irritating, and sometimes it can rub off and bring peace and joy into a room. Content people stand out, mainly because there are so few of them these days. I would say your daughter is a ruby amongst the river pebbles. And I’m so glad she’s yours!!!

    • “A ruby amongst the river pebbles” Only you would come up with such an appropriate word picture. Thank you. She does radiate like a gem stone. Didn’t Paul tell us that some would be wood, hay and stubble and some gold silver and precious stones; all saved, yet some would shine. Joyce shines.

  2. Thank you for sharing your time with Joyce with us, Dawn! What a wonderful visit and what a wonderful lesson. Blessings during this Holiest of Weeks!

    • TImes with children are so very special. They are especially so when they don’t occur very often. We live so many miles apart that her visits are not frequent so I just soak every moment in when she is here.

      Happy Easter, Deb!

  3. Hm, I never thought of the last commandment summing up the others, but yes, when you think about it, isn’t that most likely at the root of all the rest? Thanks for the insight. And for introducing your daughter. Your heart must swell with joy whenever you think of her.

    • My husband preached a series on the Ten Commandments and as he got to the last one I thought, “Wow, this one sums it all up. Perhaps God intended it this way.” I have let that thought simmer for awhile and I felt confident enough to post with it today. Thanks for the affirmation.


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