Ease – ter Thanks


Good Friday is the day He took on every stripe so that I could be healed. It is the day that He made me blameless, without rebuke. It is the day I became light and a force for His kingdom toGoodFridaylightening advance in the earth. Oswald Chambers wrote in My Utmost for His Highest that “His Spirit can work the very nature of Jesus into us, if we will only obey Him.” [long sigh]. Could it have been just yesterday that I had a late call at work and grumbled that I had to stay late to take care of that call? Gracie Malone in LifeOvers: Upside Down Ways to Become More Like Jesus tells me that “when we come to a place where we want what He wants, He gives us the ability to do it.” In a very real sense I am the master of my ship. Jesus is a gentleman. He will not force me to do what He says. He will let me choose to go another way, but it is at my peril. I go my way without His blessing. He tells me it would be easier for me if I went His way–thus the title “Ease-ter Thanks”.

This clip from the movie Longitude is an example of what I am talking about. John Harrison is testing his chronometer, a large clock that timed the route of the sun (God’s heavenly body designed to travel the same path at the same time every 24 hours), to prove that it is able to give sailors their exact location at all times. This was a test voyage of the preciseness of his instrumentation. In this scene from the movie Mr Harrison disagrees with Mr Wills about the location of the ship. Mr Wills is the ship’s navigator who is using the techniques passed down to him from centuries of sea voyagers before him, but they are flawed techniques and many have perished in the sea because of imprecise location. This is destined to be one of those times if the ship follows the navigator’s calculations. The captain of the ship must decide who is right. The one path leads to destruction, the other ends up being the right way, but its calculations came from an untested source. The captain proves himself a coward and defers the decision to his lieutenant. I am the captain and I am the lieutenant every day. Every day I must make choices. Like the captain, sometimes I choose not to make a decision and defer to the crowd. Less often, I am the lieutenant and actively engage in the decision and am responsible for its outcome. Every day I must decide if I am going to trust the God of the universe to be my navigator or rely on the ways of the world, every.single.day.

This Multitudes on Monday I am thankful

#1146 for the guidebook of life, Holy Scripture

#1147 for access to the throne room and prayer

#1148 for fellow pilgrims along the way that sit in the throne room with me

#1149 for grace for the slow learner

#1150 that vengeance is the Lord’s

#1151 His burden is light

#1152 that He modeled the way

#1153 He is the same yesterday, today and forever

#1154 that the sun, moon and stars are always there and there are laws of nature that are constant as He is constant

#1155 His ways are not my ways and He wants to show me His ways

He is with us,



6 comments on “Ease – ter Thanks

    • This has been a very meaning-filled Holy Week. Now I am about to begin my work week. I pray what’s near the heart commands my head, my mouth and my feet. Blessings to you, Sylvia

    • I know. That is what I want, too. Just do the next right thing. If I could move that from my head to my heart. I think it is somewhere in my throat, getting closer, if I don’t cough it up. Just trying to make light of a very serious situation, Dawn

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