More than bird seed

In the midst of a discussion on Facebook about people committing atrocities and whether or not we’d be capable of such atrocities and how we should be praying for those who can not only commit such atrocities but order others to commit them, also, my son simply posts Mark 4:4

As he scattered it across his field, some of the seed fell on a footpath, and the birds came and ate it.

Here it is again, Faithful Readers, that parable of the Sower and the Seed. This is the parable that Jesus said, “If you don’t get this one, you will not get any of the others.” So I pull a Soupy Sales’ line here, “What does He mean by that?”soupy

Facebook friends were leaving comments on the atrocities of the past month in the news: Gosnell and the Philadelphia abortion clinic, the rape of a young girl by football jocks and the Boston Marathon bombings. We must pray for the masterminds of abuse, search our hearts to make sure that ‘we’ indeed are not ‘they’, and we must reach out to abusers as we were/are reached for by Christ. My son merely posted: Mark 4:4. Ah, I am lead right back to the parable of the sower and the seed.

sowerJesus sows His seed across a field. He warns, He teaches, He entreats. He looks everyone in the eye, even the blindest of them; and some see, but others, not at all. Even in the midst of a miracle only some see, but there are those who see miracles everywhere even in the midst of atrocities. And so I ask myself, “Am I seeing?” He is scattering seed and some of it is falling on a footpath. Am I a footpath? A footpath is hard, the topsoil is worn off and stones are exposed in the most worn parts.  Very little can take root on a footpath because of…, well, the feet and all their activity!  Continuous activity keeps the ground packed, worn and rough. Without floating down into soft soil and covered over, the seed is at the disposal of the elements. In this case, the birds come and dine. What good does it do a bird to have the Seed? It is unable to use it for anything but physical sustenance…and so it does.

Am I a bird feeding on the seed, but never really moving beyond the physical print on the pages. Does the seed pierce my mind and transform my thoughts? Does it give me new eyes and a new heart? Am I plowing up my fallow ground so the seed can grow? If not, the seed, the Word, remains print on page and has nothing to do with my living. I must, by His grace, be good ground. Yes, you may smell manure, but it’s a process, Dear Friends.

He is with us,



3 comments on “More than bird seed

  1. Times like these make me glad I no longer have Facebook!
    Seriously, though…
    Through this week I have been thinking of a speaker who visited at our church back when we lived in Jersey. He had been a terrorist, directed to blow up the King David Hotel. The bomb didn’t go off for some reason. Before he ever got a chance to try blowing anything else up, he found the living Christ as his Savior and Lord, and thus happened the death of the old life of the terrorist and the beginning of the new life of the child of Him Who is Love and LIght.
    If only that could have happened with this young man who lies in the same hospital as many of the bombing victims, before all that horror took place in Boston and environs! It is late, sadly so late, but what we can still pray for him, and all others who committed such evils as we’re hearing about of late, is that he/they will still gain the deliverance from it and the transformed life that Christ offers, before they die or do any more atrocities. The biggest trouble with the rest of us is that we don’t realized the depth of evil every one of us is capable of, and how easily our minds can be bent by others. Grace, grace.

    • The biggest trouble…we don’t realize the depth of evil in us. Oh, yes, this is so much the point. Thank you for being here with words of mercy and grace. It is the perspective that is key and only by gazing intently on Jesus do we really see. Intently, Dawn.

  2. you must have figured I was in the manure these days… enough to fertilize us both dear friend. After it rests a year it becomes such excellent soil to drop the Seed in….come away and rest awhile, Jesus says… that is how we become soil ready for the Seed.
    May His grace continue to abound towards us all, through us around us above us beneath us, so that wherever we be, we be fully immersed! His name be praised !
    Love you dear friend, and tea is on… Skype me (susan.van.dijk55)

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