birthbannerAnn Voskamp posted a gripping post on the “right” to life a few weeks ago which really made me start thinking about birth and birth order and rights conferred by virtue of birth. Ann was speaking about life and the sacredness of life, but she downplayed labeling a pro-life stance as “right to life”. Her reason being that God is the purveyor of life and He is in charge of our life because He is the One who created us for a purpose. Those who yield to His authority realize that they live for His glory.

I lift this from Ann’s blog “when we use the language of Right to Life — we inherently and inadvertently think of our life as ours, a right we possess, so we too can determine when and how our lives will end. Life isn’t a right to do with as we want, but a gift from God for Him to do with as He wills.”

I was thinking more about this subject this morning as the lesson in church was from Genesis 29 where Jacob goes to Laban to seek a wife from his father, Isaac’s, family. Here we find Jacob, who through connivery steals his brother’s birthright, linking up with his Uncle Laban and agreeing to work for 7 years for the lovely Rachel, the younger daughter of Laban. In an incredible twist of irony [me thinks] Jacob finds the bride given him at the end of the 7 years is Leah, the older daughter, not Rachel. When he confronts Laban about the switch, Laban replies, “It is not right to marry the younger daughter before the older!” Like, come on, you knew that! Oh, yes, Jacob knows quite well about birth order and the rights of the older. He’s an expert on such matters. Only this time it does not work in his favor…or does it?

What do you think about society’s conferring  extreme power on the first-born? Do you think that was God’s plan or was He just working within cultural bounds? Scripture shows us that He accomplishes His will irregardless of earthly custom. For instance, in the marriage of Jacob and Leah, Leah is despised. She bares Jacob sons, but it is Rachel whom Jacob loves evenlion-of-tribe-judah_350_1024x768 though Rachel is barren. Leah, however, is the one who bares Judah and mothers him. He is the fourth of her sons and he heads the tribe that becomes the line of the Lion, Jesus Christ, Savior of the world. Leah was faithful even in the face of rejection. God ordained her, not Rachel, to be the matriarch of the Jews. She did not assert her rights; she was an obedient wife and Godly mother. She rests in the God of the universe, names Judah “God be praised,” and history (His-tory) unfolds.

Reading Numbers 1 today, I learned that Joseph, Rachel’s son who saved the Jews from extinction, is not even named in the twelve tribes of Israel. Instead Moses names two tribes after Joseph’s sons Ephraim and Manassah. I have been a Christian 50 years and I never thought about this before. Rachel’s first-born is not named in the 12 Tribes and Leah’s 5th son becomes the forerunner of Christ! It just proves Ann Voskamp’s point that God will do what He will do with our lives. We have no rights just because we breathe, we breathe to bring Him glory. It’s only right.

He is with us,



2 comments on “Birth”right”

  1. Dawn, I loved these thoughts today… Thank you!
    I always marvel at the ways of our God~ I am so honoured to be His child~ I know He cares for me. I love His-tory…
    Today when I see the amazing return of kids kidnapped ten years ago… and now adults I weep uncontrollably thinking of all the mixed emotions of all the people involved…Fathers, who felt helpless to console their familys at the loss years ago; A mother who probably never gave up in her heart that her children might be alive, or one who buried them years ago and never healed from the loss….a grandchild now and their children though grown, alive.
    History… our story… HIs story… all in God’s hands…not always seemly in our eyes… not always fair… but always a thread of grace holding us all to Him, who bore the horrible sins of the world that we might be returned to our Father…
    The great joy… this great redeeming love story.
    In heaven I will gladly sit and hear all these glory storys from the heart of One who never gives up looking for those who have been kidnapped by the evil one. He came that we might all be saved.

    We breathe to bring Him glory…breathe on dear children

  2. Oh, Susan, you bring the headlines right down into my life. You have an uncanny way of doing that, time after time. This line did it for me: “the heart of One who never gives up looking for those who have been kidnapped by the evil one.” Our heavenly Father never gives up.
    Now tomorrow is the Benghazi trial. I would love to hang on every word and follow moment by moment, but I have clinic and then work. Please encapsulate for me Susan. Love you, Dawn

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