Two loves meet

IMG_0345I was out in my backyard having carried my little hospice dog, who is blind and deaf, out to the grass to relieve himself. I feel like I am inside a gift box that God fills anew each day as I enter my tiny 20′ x 30′ backyard. Today is sunny and the colors of the flowers blooming all around the perimeter of my yard are vibrant. A couple of weeks ago I noticed raspberry bushes coming up between my lilacs. Those of you who follow me here know that my black raspberry IMG_0281bushes succumbed to a rust a couple of years ago and I replanted red raspberries in their place because they were resistant to the root rot. Last year I had a small harvest of red raspberries, but I really missed the black raspberries I had lost. Wouldn’t you know, the raspberries coming up between my lilac bushes are black raspberries and they are full of buds! God is so good to have some stray seeds (or whatever) cross my lawn and re-establish themselves in an area unaffected by the root rot. I did a glory dance right there.

I left my little dog to be in the warm grass for awhile and when I came back out to take him in, I found him in the middle of the black raspberry bush. He had pawed a nest and was having a gay old time surrounded by the raspberry runners. I gasped. There were not a whole lot of runners and he had firmly packed down and was laying on about 1/3 of them. What is a puppy mom to do? Well, run and get her camera, of course. So here you see Sebastian nesting among the black raspberry runners. My little Lovey-dog was so happy. I didn’t care if I lost black raspberries or not. I had to prioritize my loves and the pup won.IMG_0340

I am so thankful this Multitudes on Monday for

FlowerCollage#1165 the artistry of God: the flowers, the trees, the moon in its phases, the constancy and rhythm of days, nights, weeks, months and seasons, the variety of species in my yard alone and the splendor of the Almighty’s color palette.

#1166 the awakening of nature.

#1167 the freshness of youth, the stamina of young adulthood and middle age, the experience in old age.

#1168 the comfort of a Savior when death comes.

#1169 the blessings of good management where I work and the teamwork that results from a well-run organization.

#1170 children who love the Lord and lead others to Him.

#1171 the blessing of good friends.

#1172 the healing of transparency.

#1173 grandchildren excited about missions.

#1174 a healthy mother at age 86.100_1346

#1175 young church families that really keep us stepping. Here’s Jody chocking on a kernal of popcorn in the Mother’s Day play. Her daughter is not noticing. What a riot!IMG_0326#1176 a close friend who loves the Names of God Bible I gave her for her birthday and who laughed out loud when I gave her the card we have passed between one another for years!

#1177 4 t-shirts for $1.00 at a church rummage sale yesterday. Apparently it pays to go when they are closing and packing up!

#1178 a peaceful passing for my husband’s cousin with cancer.

#1179 a resolution made during the prayer of Confession in church today and the peace that decision will give.

He is with us,



7 comments on “Two loves meet

  1. Dawn, my husband just asked me today if I was figuring on planting flowers in the two planters by the back door. Of course, I answered. Well, he told me Katy Kat has made one of them her bed! What is it about these pets? (Maybe God will still make your blacks grow and fruit. It’ll be interesting to find out…)
    And your mom! The pictures show up very small on my screen, but from what I can see, zooming in, she looks terrific! If I could look that good at 86, should I get there, I’d be thrilled!
    Thanks for sharing your blessings.

    • Dear Sylvia,

      My black raspberries will produce, I think. They seem to have enjoyed a little dog snuggling in them. They sprung right back and began to flower. Maybe Katy Kat is fertilizing the planter. One could only hope. I love that your husband is anticipating your artistry in the planters.
      My mom is indeed an incredible elder. She stuns people everywhere when they learn she is in her eighties. Terry, her husband of 15 years, is 14 years younger than she and he can just about keep up with her. She is amazing. But then, so is he. He really takes care of her and we, her daughters, are so grateful.

      Thanks for stopping by. It’s always good to “be with” you,

  2. I understand your joy over the black raspberries return. To receive something back you thought was gone forever is a special delight. Would love to see that glory dance!

    • I was struck today by the verse from Matthew 11:29 where Jesus tells us to take His yoke upon us and learn His ways. He tells us to take His yoke because He is meek and lowly, and we will find rest for our souls. Meek=quiet strength. I had written about this before, but had forgotten it. In Jesus, we stand. We don’t have to prove anything. We have the power within us, but we need not strive. He is in control. We simply rest in Him and give a word in season or go about our business in an honorable way. No striving. What love does.

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