Heavy Thanksgiving


I was really ‘put in my place’ this week. I put myself there. The Lord graciously made me aware of what had transpired at my hand during a critical moment as I was having a discussion with friends. I thought I was sharing a testimony about witnessing with my food choices at work. I shared how almost everyone I work with is obese and that I feel obligated to eat well in front of them. I was the self-proclaimed, self-righteous Crusader sent to help her fat co-workers. I was telling this story when all of a sudden my obese friend across the table from me, with tears streaming down her cheeks, says, “I have always struggled with my weight.” Her speech was broken as she continued, “I wish I could get over my obsession with food.” I had beaten her down with each syllable of my testimony. I had an opinion about people like her. They are to be pitied/ministered to/lived in front of so they can be better. Ah, how imbecilic.

ego balance

The person who had the most weight to lose was I. I had so much pride and arrogance and self. What a load! I tipped the scales of insensitivity at well over 15% of a healthy BMI (basic maturity index). There are no words toxic enough to describe the weightiness of such behavior. It is the kind of weight that Jesus said, “if you cause one of these little ones who trusts in me to fall into sin, it would be better for you to have a large millstone tied around your neck and be drowned in the depths of the sea.” Matt 18:6 (NLT). This Multitudes on Monday, I am thankful for

#1188 friends who are forgiving.

#1189 getting to the root causes of some of my issues.

#1190 grace that is greater than all my sin.

#1191 second chances, third chances and so on.

IMG_0410#1192 generations who learn to work out the kinks in family lines.

#1193 snuggles from hospice dog.

#1194 another season of creek fun with a grandchild.IMG_0418

#1195 camping plans made for the summer to share mission with the grandchildren at age-appropriate levels for each of them.

#1196 grandson shooting pictures right alongside Mamie with his own camera.

#1197 good employment at the end of my career.

#1198 children who run up to their teacher in church and say, “I learned my memory verse for this week. Do you want to hear it?” Do I want to hear it…ah, let e see…with all my heart.  After the older ones say their verses, they encourage the young ones and each and every one said the verse perfectly.

#1199 3 days off work to restore body, mind and spirit.

#1200 teens and young adults who have graduated and are ready for the next stage of life – for Jesus.

#1201 older son is grateful for progress made on panic attacks.

#1202 cut grass, vacuumed rugs and mopped floors.

IMG_4235#1203 a couple who loves my mother-in-law’s house and are seeking to buy it.

#1204 God uses the hard things in life to bless us beyond what we could ask or think.

#1205 a hobby that lets others know I care.IMG_0431

#1206 buddies that spur me on in the faith.

#1207 the perspective of old age.

#1208 the love of my elders.

#1209 berries ripening on the bushes, mint flourishing between the bushes, summer flowers ready to pop open, grass where my husband threw seed last fall in spite of feeding the swallows all winter long.

#1210 a place to list all the thank-you’s in community. You keep me accountable and I am blessed.

God is with us,



8 comments on “Heavy Thanksgiving

  1. So much to think about here, Dawn. I read with intensity in my heart, as I’m struggling right now on what to do, say, not do, and not say in a sticky situation and I can find no resolve. I DO know the sensitivity of the obese. I’ve been there, lost it all, gained it all back, losing it again, etc., etc. I’ve been the self-proclaimed know-it-all, ready to strut my stuff, and I’ve been pressed down under the weight of another who wants to “fix” me. Silence, acceptance, and the art of giving buckets of grace go much further than even ONE remark that cuts! Oh, that we could suck those words back in!!!!!

    I’ve missed being here, but still having problems getting my comments to go. Tryng again here!

    • Oh, Cora, you will never know how good it was to see your name in my comment section…so very good! Your words ministered to me from both sides of the obesity issue. Thank you for you wisdom in true sisterly fashion. Sharp, as a true friend who grows me would give, mingled with grace so as not to crush the bruised reed. Perfect in this space. Thank you!
      I am disturbed that you are having trouble posting here. I wish I were some kind of computer guru that had answers. You are fairly savvy and I was amazed when you thought back to the time you were helping someone in your church and that messed up your password for wordpress. I was hoping that was IT and that access problems were behind us. Apparently not.
      I must close now. I got a battery warning. Hugs!

  2. Thank you for your faithfulness, honesty and real life living. My thankful list keeps going, but I don’t often get here to post. Maybe tomorrow… 🙂

    • After that incident, I made a mental pact with myself and told the Lord that I would not comment on another obese person (if I had $!.00 for ever person…). This change in behavior caused me to become conscious of this habit I had developed. I bet I commented at least a half dozen times per day about the largeness of people. I was shocked! Having to stop myself made me cognizant of it, and the frequency was alarming. It was becoming an obsession, and, a noxious one, at that. It has been said that awareness is the first step in change. I certainly that. Won’t you please pray as I continue to make changes in this area of my life?

  3. I’m learning that when I set myself to be an example – and make choices for those reasons – I end up beating people on the head – but when I make choices because He wants me to – it changes everything:) I don’t think we ever stop learning and refining – but climbing higher and higher, closer and closer –

    I so loved your list – it touched me heart the love, the action – the hope – especially this” generations who learn to work out the kinks in family lines.”

    • What a wonderful sharing of your experience that speaks directly to my situation. Thank you for dropping by and sharing. This is clear direction for me in the future. Hmmmm.

  4. I’m so glad you stopped by Heart Choices and left your comment. I’m glad to come and visit you. What a powerful reminder of the power of what we say to others. Even well intentioned words can hurt others at times. Yes I’ve put my foot in mouth a time or two myself. Haven’t we all? A good reminder.

    • Thanks for coming by. Your blog, Heart Choices, was so needed for me this week. It was the antithesis of mine and really helped me keep balance. Thank you!

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