Passing the Baton with Thanksgiving

A couple of posts ago I wrote about passing the baton to the next generation, and how critical the execution of that pass can be to the success of the race. This week I have found myself in the midst of a number of passes and I am quite aware I am at an important place in my life. I pray for grace as I continue in familiar places, but step into unknown places within the familiar places.  I am thankful for the events of this past week where I would find myself at the baton passing intersection over and over.

IMG_4236#1211 The big news this week is that my husband’s mother’s home was sold to a wonderful young couple who will love it and careIMG_4237 for it. The transfer of a lifetime of memories to others is difficult, but the Lord blessed us with John and Melinda. I am thankful that this young couple will grow their lives in this house and care for the 14 acres that surround it.

#1212 An unexpected blessing is the help I am able to give my younger daughter as she attempts to get an associate degree to become an administrative assistant. We talk on the phone several times per week and go over English grammar. This really takes me way back and it’s a stretch, but I have always loved language and grammar and it’s been fun to interact with my daughter in this way. She is reaching back to take the baton from my hand.

#1213 I had to raise my hands to the Lord in thanksgiving this week as the Vogel family got up and did a contemporary Christian song in praise of fathers since it was Father’s Day in church. The piece was “Dad, You are my Super Hero” They set their electronic keyboard’s percussion setting on a rock beat and spoke the words in cadence. It was so very cool! Such coolness flows naturally from this young family. I know it is time to let the youth create programming in the church and for the children to step up in ministry.


#1214 I attended a meeting of the Lycoming/Clinton Breastfeeding Coalition this past Thursday and that is exactly what I mean–I attended. I had always been an officer or leader in LCBreastfeedingCoalitionthe programming, but I now attend as a member-at-large and lend support when I can. The younger members are leading the way. When they talked of creating a Facebook page and website, I was out of my league. It was time, I said, to pass the baton in this area of my life, as well. The Facebook page and web sites are fabulous. I made the right decision.

#1215 I am thankful for two new graduate  nurses who came to St Anthony’s Free Medical Clinic 2 weeks ago to volunteer. Now I only have to be there every other week instead of every week. It’s time for me to make room for the young to volunteer. Their enthusiasm and innocence keep us tender and sharpen our compassion.

FP4Hbreakast#1216 At my First Place 4 Health Bible Study someone passed the health spot portion to me and even told me what they wanted to learn about. They entrusted me to be in charge of that knowledge for the group and so I took the baton from Christine and will now serve in this capacity for the next 12-week session. Pray as I prepare to discuss biological modifiers  as the next generation of treatment options in cancer.

God is with us,


Emma, our littlest congregant, doing "So big!"

Emma, our littlest congregant, doing “So big!” Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me.” Matthew 19:14


9 comments on “Passing the Baton with Thanksgiving

  1. Dear Dawn . . . isn’t it so wonderful to read the signs, get the message and proceed with what God has for us next, be it passing batons or receiving new ones. So happy your in-laws home has found new folks to love it and build their own memories.

  2. Good to remember, this example of how we not only pass on batons as we move on in life, but still receive others to carry forward faithfully ourselves for a time.

  3. Feeling it with retirement… Hand out for the next baton! What will it be… What will it be……. God centered, that I know…

    • You certainly have been given a grand situation in which to ponder this, haven’t you, Carrie? There is so MUCH that needs done. We must harness the energy of youth and you are just the one to inspire! You go, Girl!

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