Mission U Thanksgiving

As my readers know, I spent the weekend studying the local and international mission activities of my church. I took 4 of my 5 grandchildren to study with me. There were children, youth, young adult and adult sessions. One of my grandchildren went to youth camp, the rest were in the children’s scction. My thank list on this Multitudes on Mondays comes from this weekend. My mind was expanded in so many ways that my heart could not keep pace. Thus begins my list. I am thankful that

#1228 God is patient with slow learners.

#1229 leaders are skillful in weeding out the smugness of attendees early so He can begin His good work in us in a matter of days

#1230 youth leaders focus on community-building as a base for spiritual growth

#1231 children’s leaders were gently firm

#1232 there was always a brother or sister in the Lord who came along when I needed a helping hand with 3 children ages 5, 7 and 8 (imagine coco puff cereal all over the college cafeteria!)

#1233 Glory, my teacher, had all the Scriptures she used committed to memory. Being from Sri Lanka, she was raised to ‘hide the word of God in her heart’. What a powerful witness and example to have someone proclaim the Word from memory. It was so familiar to her that she could speak it out intimately, not merely read it in monotone.

#1234 some ideas I have always held were articulated in a systematic way and I find I have a new pocket of gestalts with which to grapple

#1235 I got to visit the Hands Up [as opposed to Hand Out] Mission where people can get what they need in exchange for some hours of labor within the facility to help others.HandUp

Image#1236 I had time to get to know my grandchildren better.

#1237 that a time of discipline helped a grandchild understand what happened in the Garden of Eden

#1238 I get to renew friendships with people I have not seen since last mission study.

#1239 redistricting in my denomination is leading to a healthier church.

#1240 reading the Bible from the perspective of the poor and oppressed gives new meaning to familiar passages.


#1241 my friend, Barb, called just before I pushed the publish button on this blog post. I am so thankful for her. We are both back from times of refreshment. She called to welcome me back.

God is with us,



8 comments on “Mission U Thanksgiving

    • It was a challenge! One forgets how much energy one had as a mother. It was a good reminder to me to undergird those in that place today. Thanks for dropping by.

    • Ah, Andrea Dawn, we were learning about how the church is pretty good at helping the poor through hand-outs, but not so good about making structural change through interaction with those in power. The point being that it is societal structure change that would really impact the poor. The woman on the top is the person in power and the woman under the table represents the poor. Under the table the poor could not see the power that kept her down and the powerful did not see the poor. The church kept reaching down to the poor with “stuff’, but never really engaged the power structures when injustice sustained the inequities. Without daily face-to-face interaction little change was possible, etc, etc. The discussion possibilities were endless. It was quite a rich discussion and revelation came to me that the church does spend a lot of time giving hand-outs and very little helping to change environments so that others can earn their own way. Ann Voskamp wrote about this very thing a few weeks ago… “mere provision fails to address the root of poverty: the behaviors, social systems, and mindset that are created by poverty.” This presentation gave me the message again in another format. [It’s that “art of life” thing, you know.] God is speaking to me about this over and over again, plus I am reading Undaunted by Christine Caine and this is her message, too.

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