Walk with Him Wednesday barefooted


Jodi comes to church with her 4 kids. Most weeks her husband isn’t with her. He is a trucker who is away from home many Sundays. This Sunday I captured this picture of her youngest in bare feet. I thought he had taken his shoes off and was just running in the grass after church. This wasn’t the case. Jodi sent me the story on Facebook. It is such a  typical story, but written with Jodi’s classic wit that endears you to her and magnifies the empathy you have for her, I asked if I could post it on my blog for all of you who pass by here to read. She said, “Yes!” You are in for a real treat. Please read to the very last line. It is a cincher! Enjoy!

IMG_0324and so like a usual sunday morning without dad in the house….we hurry….I asked Blaine around 9 am “Blaine would you please put your shoes on?” his reply “Mom I can’t find my flip flops!” he rolls his eyes and goes and lays on the couch! Now we do not watch tv on Sunday mornings due to the fact …well hypnosis happens whenever we turn it on.. really it is the strangest thing! So we all head out the door and Blaine still has no shoes on. I inform him he will go to church without shoes on… ..”mommy doesn’t wear your shoes …you need to be responsible son! you chose not to find another shoe. I want you to know that makes my heart sad. ” so he stomps to the car .. I decide not to scold him.. for I knew his stomping would cease when he had to walk across the gravel parking lot! That it did.. the look of pity he gave me melted my heart..but to prove my point I must not cave.. As Libby offered to carry him across the parking lot ..I applauded her thoughtfulness but refused to allow her to carry him…He came home and found his shoes! I am sure he will not misplace them again… I am thankful there is not a sign on our church door….No Shirt No shoes No service!

God is with us (and I think He must be smiling),



5 comments on “Walk with Him Wednesday barefooted

  1. Ah, the hard lessons of childhood, but consequences definitely train our young ones. Great last line, grateful that “no shirt, no shoes, no service” does not apply in the house of God.

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