The Word for Wednesday (and Every Day)

This morning I read in the Word of God:

In the beginning the Word already existed. He was with God, and He was God. John 1:1 (NLT)

I stopped.right.there, although I was supposed to read through 18 verses of John 1 this first verse sent my mind into a whirlwind of thought. The Word was before the beginning. The Word was already in the beginning before there was a beginning. The spoken Word, the written Word, the living Word. “Word” is defined by the Free Dictionary at as

A sound or a combination of sounds, or its representation in writing or printing, that symbolizes and communicates a meaning.

Meaning comes with words. Without words, meaning is difficult to conceptualize and, subsequently, nearly impossible to communicate to another. John tells us that The Way that the meaning of life would be known and transmitted was already in existence before there was any created life. This idea of needing words to invoke meaning made me think of the scene in the story of Helen Keller that depicts the precise moment when she is able to connect the letters she feels being spelled into her hands [words], with what she feels all around her. Blind and deaf after a high fever as a baby, Helen has words spelled into her hand by her teacher, Ann Sullivan, as she has Helen simultaneously touch objects in her environment. Helen never gets the point of the ‘game’ until one day…at the water pump, she understands.

I suppose in Helen’s case the definition of “word” above would have to include ” or its representation in writing or printing or signing,…

Imagine living in a world without meaning. Back when we we infants and toddlers, we had a HUGE task to learn to speak. Before we could put sentences together, our parents could not really determine precisely what was going on in our heads. We did not know what we were feeling or how it fit into our world. Categorization had yet to occur. We still had to differentiate all the 4-legged creatures, we had to separate the colors, and we had to learn who all the people were that came and went in our lives day after day. We had to tag our feelings and learn what moves were appropriate and which were not. Naming individual objects, creatures, persons and events made the task much easier. Ann Sullivan knew that would be true for Helen Keller, too, so she spent years naming things into the palm of her hand.

I remember in Ann Voskamp’s book one thousand gifts where The Farmer had a problem with his pigs. It was very troubling, but one day as he looked at the computer, he breathed a sigh of relief. He found out what was happening to his pigs. The problem was not benign, but it had a name. The problem having a name made all the difference. Now he could understand and he knew what to do.

Without Him there is, literally, no meaning. He is the Essence of all things, visible and invisible…and, the Good News?…He is with us,



2 comments on “The Word for Wednesday (and Every Day)

  1. Dawn, I have been pondering your amazing insight in this post, with regard to evangelization. No wonder our kids and even adults, are leaving the church in droves. They aren’t getting it! They aren’t seeing how (or why) to apply scripture to the new daily life challenges. They aren’t reading scripture because, like Helen before the “aha moment” they don’t see the point in it.

    As I listen to current news, I beg God to leave a space between the “aha moment” and the final earthly moments for all of humanity, so that more of us will have time to act on our “aha moments.”

    God, continue to teach us through your Word, and show us how to spell the scriptures into people’s hands without causing them to pull their hands out of our reach in frustration.

    PS: I enjoyed seeing that scene again… Blubbered like a fool!

    • This reply is precious, Carrie, even better than the post itself. You have such a compassionate heart. I love your prayer that God leave a space between the “aha moment” and the final earthly moments for all of humanity, so that more of us will have time to act on our “aha moments.”

      We are in Earth School together, Dear Sister! May we continue to spur one another on toward love and good deeds Hebrews 10:24. It was good getting spurred on by you today!

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