Exoneration Thanksgiving

My husband and I must drive 40 minutes to get to church and no matter what the season it is always a worship experience. The diversity of God’s expression of love for us is simply amazing. Today I give thanks for

#1354 clouds making shadows on mountains. One shadow looked like a giant eagle this morning. It stretched across two mountains – now that is a big screen!

#1355 real vultures swooping over our car on their way to breakfast. They were like mini pteradactyls, quite spectacular.

#1356 the huge, circular bales of hay sitting in the fields, the hard work of our parishioners.

#1357 cows chewing their cud as we speed byIMG_4746

#1358 the crisp morning air that gives a spring to your step and has you bringing out the jackets and sweaters you have not seen in 6 months–a new wardrobe!

#1359 fields that have given up their fruits.

And then this happened. My husband was listening to the radio this morning and he heard that a man had been arrested for embezzling $100,000 from the local American Legion. They said the man’s name and he knew it was he. This man had had my sister fired accusing her of embezzling funds. She was the manager of the Legion, had been for 35 years. She handled the money. She was beginning to notice cash was disappearing. She had to go. He was on the Board of Directors. He was in power over her and she left in disgrace. She never stole a dime, but he said she did. She has suffered for 3 1/2 years awaiting this verdict. It came this morning!  I continue to give thanks

#1360 that my sister found enough strength to hold on.

jesus-holding-man2#1361 that Jesus sent his angels along her long hard journey.

#1362 that Dave Rising became a psychologist even though his father said he should become a minister. I believe his wise counsel kept my sister alive.

#1363 for everyone who stood by my sister’s side, especially those who gave her jobs, convinced of her innocence.

#1364 that my sister has a closer walk with Jesus.

#1365 and that healing may now begin.

He is with us,



9 comments on “Exoneration Thanksgiving

  1. this is a miracle… like King David to work at evil being swept from his city that peace and integrity may reign… a big sister hug sent your way. I am so glad for her. It will make ‘all’ the difference for this knowledge to be revealed by the Light!
    my new wardrobe is also out… old favourite sweaters, scarves and coats…. rain for three days now

  2. I got goose bumps reading this. I have prayed for your sister, as so many others have. And it’s just so . . . . . I’m at a loss of words here . . . . . goose-bumpy. . . . to know that God has worked all of this out in His perfect way. We sing, “In His Time” and we seem to know that at some level, but we tend to worry, stress, wonder, doubt, etc. So human to do that, isn’t it? And no matter what our age, we seem to never REALLY perfect that trust. I’d like to, and this testimony surely puts a good foundation under me. Thank you, Dawn. And thank your sister for me for being so faithful, even when the going was so tough!!!!!

  3. Wow, what news! And that you should hear it on your wonderful way to church on Sunday morning! Talk about God being great and gracious… and with us! Rejoicing with you and your sister!

  4. Such good news, Dawn. Elated that the truth has come to light and praying that your sister is finally and fully comforted in all the corners of her being . . . that the trauma to her heart and mind would be healed and new strength would be her portion. What a glorious testimony!

  5. Thanks, Ladies, I am taking my sister for a celebration lunch tomorrow. I’m going to try to show her these comments so she can see how many were praying for her. It is finished.

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