Missing Thanksgiving

All throughout November Ann Voskamp had those of us who follow her blog A Holy Experience think about what we may be missing during this season of Advent. I thought about the experience of missing something or someone and what angst that can cause. The 7th definition of miss in the Free Online Dictionary is the one I am speaking of – to feel the lack or loss of. Initially I thought that one would have to have had what they are missing in order to feel that something is not as adequate as it once was or is absent altogether, but there are people who feel like they are missing something, but can’t pinpoint what it is. Maybe they see another who is happy. That person has something and the observer thinks it makes them happy so they set out to get the same thing when what they really want is the happiness. They zero in on the wrong target and miss the blessing.


I don’t want to miss my blessings. Listing them helps me become aware of them…so many…This Monday I am thankful

#1400 I found the missing piece to my jigsaw puzzle. I can’t  imagine hanging a picture with a piece out of the scene.

#1401 the missing earrings my husband ordered for me came today after being lost in the mail for one month.

#1402 my co-worker is coming back from a couple weeks in New Zealand. I really miss her. Work has not been the same without her.

Groupshine#1403 my women’s Bible Study group starts up again this week after being off for Thanksgiving. I miss our weekly gathering.

#1404 for my husband’s attitude as his physical strength dwindles. He has real strength of character, but I miss some of the things we used to be able to do together, as does he.

#1405 for the grace of God. I get crabby when things are not logical and I have to try to get through to people who don’t appreciate logic. I miss the days before postmodernism.

#1406 I had good grammar, reading and spelling teachers that taught me how to write professionally. I miss that dedication to a proper printed page in this age of e-mail and twitter.

#1407 I am not as hungry as I once was so that my appetite matches my slowing metabolism. I don’t have to miss foods I once was able to down easily and still maintain my weight.

#1408 for free primary health care in my city through the Catholic church. It would be a missed opportunity to be the hands and feet of Christ to those without health care coverage if St Anthony’s Free Medical Clinic were not open.

#1409 for French Silk ice cream. It’s been my favorite ice cream for years. About a month ago my husband could not find it in any of the grocery stores in our city. He had one of the grocer’s order it special for me because I really missed it. My husband’s commitment to my happiness is a gift of God.

#1410 for a little boy who was happy to play with inside trucks even though he missed all the outside big diggers and dump trucks that had been put in the shed for the winter. Love my youngest grandson, Max!IMG_0934

#1409  for servants of the Lord all over my city. I miss the days when I was the helper most of the time, but more and more I am having to let others help me. I had to laugh recently when I got lost in the corn maze over Halloween. My son had to lead me out. Frankly I still don’t know where I was.

#1410 for talented people who faithfully use their talents to bless others and never get any monetary remuneration. The talented people in my life are Mary Gregory and Nan Quimby–faithfully playing the piano beautifully almost every Sunday. When they are not there, everyone misses them.

#1411 for eyeglasses and hearing aids. Others miss them a lot when I don’t have them in.

#1412 for snow on my blog. I missed it when it stopped last year.

Well, Friends, that is about it for this Monday. Oh, yeah:

#1413 for a week’s vacation from work and a light schedule the rest of the year. I almost missed that one! Get it?

God is with us,



6 comments on “Missing Thanksgiving

  1. You would be tickled by the snow on the blog, my glitter-loving friend. Did you notice that it (the snowflakes) track with the cursor? Mouse to the left and the snow drifts that way, then to the right and it changes directions. Now THAT tickles ME . . . I notice the strangest things. Visiting here makes me smile. ♥ ♥

  2. I love the way you followed the “missing” theme through this list of gratitudes, Dawn. And oh, are they good ones! (One thing they did was make me miss my past Bible study gatherings. Bible study group was a blessed part of my life that hasn’t happened for a couple years now. Wish we lived closer. I’d travel to yours! 😉 What are you studying? Maybe I could attend in spirit… (heh).
    And oh, yes, the snow—visual glitter for the glitter girl (smile). Fun to have it back.

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