Gingerbread Man Message

gingerbreadToday’s Bible study with my ladies was truly amazing. I don’t know how to do it justice in a blog, but I will share a small story from the time I spent there this morning to give you an idea of how it went. We are a praying group and we have been seeing mighty answers to our prayers–mostly the answers involve changing us, the pray-ers, but that is blog for another day. Today I would like to share an answer God brought to Barb. It was such a Barb way of answering that it made me smile–BIG!

Barb was sharing high tea with her daughter, Samantha, in another ladies group. The 4th course was a tray of desserts prepared for each woman. Amongst the cookies, brownies and small candies a gingerbread man was placed. When Barb got her tray, the gingerbread man had a broken left leg. Barb has been praying for her husband’s brother for weeks. He had his left leg amputated and was on dialysis. Barb was praying for healing even though he was not doing well at all. Because of the gingerbread man’s broken left leg, Barb thought about Gerald and she said a prayer for him right then and there. After the tea was over Barb received a call from Gerald’s wife.

Barb, Barb, you will never believe this! This morning the dialysis team told us that Gerald will no longer require dialysis. It seems that his kidney function is returning to normal. It is amazing.

Barb told her it was a miracle and that God had told her in the middle of her high tea that something had happened to Gerald. She thought it strange that the servers would serve her a broken cookie at such a prestigious event, but she knows that, with God, there are no accidents. The server delivered the cookie with the broken left leg to the right person at the right time. It was a message from God to Barb delivered to her in the midst of her busyness, but she “got the message,” slowed and became a part of the miracle.

And so, My Friends, be on the alert. He is moving. He is speaking.

He is with us,



11 comments on “Gingerbread Man Message

  1. Emmanuel, God with Us — probably my all time favorite name of our beloved Savior! Why??? Because I think it encompasses all that makes Him real to us, involved in our everyday lives, and be best friend we could ever have. And what do best friends do??? Just what happened to your friend, Barb! Isn’t it just like our God who is always with us and knows us best to use a broken gingerbread man cookie to make a healing so personal and effective in the lives of those around him???? Just perfect, Dawn, and I’m so glad you got to be a part of this and share it with us! Thank you!

    • Cora,

      This was just such an awesome story. It still amazes me that the God of the Universe zeros in on a ladies high tea and serves up a gingerbread boy with a broken leg to foreshadow the news of a brother-in-law’s healing. He knows us and captures us so expertly that we know it is Him. Who else could know our heart so well that they could set up a situation so perfectly to get our attention? It blesses not only the receiver, but also the bystanders who are made privy to the glories happening right in front of us: Daddy with His child. So precious!

  2. I. just. love. this! Love these God-incidence stories–especially the ones that reveal God’s sharing His sense of humor with us, even amid our worries and agonizing prayers. (I call them “private jokes with God.”) Broken left leg on the gingerbread man. That’s one for the books! Glad you blogged it! What a merry Christmas present!

  3. I will share this miracle with the church group today at our Christmas service… praying it will become a miracle awakening awareness in the lives of those needing to be fed by our Loving Shepherd.
    love your praying hearts

    thefisherlady~ hooked

    A blessed Christmas dear friend, to you and your beloved
    Immanuel~ God is with us

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