The road to Montana

White Pine Church at the summitThe Preacher and I drove into the church parking lot as usual. It was a crisp, windy country Sunday morning and the sun was shining brightly. The license plate on a pick-up truck parked near the entrance read Montana. We had a visitor! Our parishioners are all Pennsylvania farming folk so a Montana license plate sticks out even though his pick-up truck fit right in. Beau worshiped with us and took communion. During announcements, the Preacher announced that Beau needed money to get to Montana and an offering plate would be placed in the back of the church if anyone wanted to give. I sit in the front of the church and after worship was over I was talking to the pianist. When I turned around to gather my belongings to leave the church building, I beheld a marvelous sight. There were two circles of prayer happening. One around a young woman in the congregation facing grave medical issues and one around Beau. I wish I had a picture of it to post here, but I can assure you I have it in my mind!


I was hushed by the Spirit’s movement through His people into the lives of these two people in need. As the prayer circles dissipated, the Preacher and I walked by the offering plate by the door. It was overflowing with $10’s and $20’s, the practical gifts of a praying people to a man in need so far from home.

Stepping in the light,





3 comments on “The road to Montana

  1. How beautiful, Dawn!! You know, I learned a lesson about this a looooong time ago —- most of the time, when praying about the needs of another child of God, usually God’s answer is all or partially answered through ME. The moral of the lesson was, don’t pray if you don’t want to participate in the answer!!!!! But as I’ve grown older, I have found that I DO want to participate in the answer, and feel left out when I don’t. LOVE that picture of the offering plate!!!

  2. These blessings always make me bubble over with tears… to see the generosity of God poured forth through His people through gifts, sevice and prayer…
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful Good News of the Gospel… this is part of what it comes to do.
    Here I was called in yesterday to just sit and visit with a young mother temporarily separated from her husband….to pray and share God’s encouragement.
    Father we thank You that You pour forth your Spirit so abundantly… to bless, to heal, to draw draw us all closer to You.
    We also had a windy Sunday and your description reminded me of it~
    +5 Celcius this morning ~ April showers bring May flowers. Though I noticed your ground is lovely and green, I believe a few weeks might do the same here.
    Love you dear friend

  3. What a sweet testimony of your giving congregation! Is the photo of the church your church? It looks very inviting . . . would love to worship side by side with you one day.

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