The road to Emmaus is a 5K walk/run

So happy, she parked at the end of the row near an incline in the grass. There was no room for someone to park on that side of her leased car so she felt it would be safe parking itummmtooclose there. No one would be able to dent it by opening their car door into the side of her car. She was there to support a friend who was running a 5K for a charity. She met her friend and found out that it was a 5K walk/run and her friend invited her to join her and walk the route. She signed up and got a number.

Since she was now a participant and not just a bystander at the 5K, she returned to her car to leave some belongings there. Coming up over the rise in the lawn to go down the incline to her car she saw that someone had just pulled in next to her car and was parked ON the incline. She was crazy with rage. She ran down the incline screaming and waving her arms, “How could you park there? You must be insane. You won’t be able to get out of your car without banging your car door into my car. What were you thinking?”

The woman in the car rolled down her window and replied, “I promise I will keep my hand on my car door and open it slowly. I will not hit your car.” She demonstrated that she was capable of doing that and got out to face her deranged assailant. She said she was a pastor and was there to pray over her parishioners who were participating in the race.” Seemingly unruffled, the pastor continues, “Do you know where the runners are starting?”

 Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! “Helll-l0-0, you  are a Christian,” my Friend says to herself. “Act like it!”

“Yes, I do. Do you know that the race is a walk/run? I am going to walk the whole course. Why don’t you join me?”

The woman said, “I would, but I have a knee replacement and I would be too slow.”

“Oh, I have a hip replacement so you won’t be any slower than I. I could use a buddy. Please won’t you go with me? We could both raise money for this great cause.”

One hour later they had finished the 5K together, talking and sharing the whole time. One Christian invited the other Christian into fellowship. The other, not taking offense at the erratic first encounter, accepted the invitation to fellowship. Both lives were transformed in the afternoon sun, walking a 5K neither had intended to walk, but Jesus had other plans and both accepted His invitation.



In His light because of His grace,






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