The Garden of the Good Shepherd

I almost burned my house down using Ann Voskamp’s Easter to Pentacost wreath with candles to light. This may be the solution that takes me daily to Pentacost. I am a grandma and have grandchildren who may pop in to share it with me. Thanks. I am reblogging to show this to others.

Aslan's Library

Garden of the Good Shepherd The Garden of the Good Shepherd: A Sticker Calendar to Count the 50 Days of Easter
Peter Mazar & Tomie dePaola
Liturgy Training Publications, 2000

I don’t honestly remember when I stumbled across The Garden of the Good Shepherd sticker calendar. It may have been one of those rare moments of Amazon kismet, when they actually recommended something I might want to read. (Does anyone else confuse their magical recommendation machine with their reading/buying/browsing choices? Also, whatever algorithm they use, it’s not very sophisticated when it comes to determining one’s choices in theological kidlit. But that’s another rant.)

Anyhow. Whenever I did stumble across it, I ordered it immediately, and I have been hiding it in my sewing room ever since. And I am so excited to recommend it to you for your family’s Easter celebration.

What precisely is it? And do I promise it’s not cheesy?

Yes. I promise. It’s…

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2 comments on “The Garden of the Good Shepherd

  1. Hi Dawn, I miss you loads! I’ve been away for a long while carried away by work and parenthood. Happy Easter!
    It’s a blessed period between Easter and Pentecost, where one may experience the power of his risen savior. May we all benefit from it and ask that it may be a life changing period.
    Stay safe,
    Michael Azer

    • I just got home from church and opened my e-mail to find your wonderful comment on my re-post from Aslan’s Library. I am so happy you are still checking in from time to time. I, too, miss you lots. I am praying Christ’s covering on Christians worldwide as we move in the power of the Risen Lord now living within us. What a marvelous truth! We cannot help but be changed when we consider all He has done for us and will do in us.
      I know you will love this:

      Celebrating with you,

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