I wrote about Max and Beth to defend Christian Trump supporters

Mario Murillo speaks for me. I reblog it for you.

Mario Murillo Ministries

I wrote about Max and Beth to defend Christian Trump supporters

By Mario Murillo

As I write you, 50,000 people have read the blog that mentioned Max Lucado and Beth Moore. Today I want to clear the air about why that happened.

For me to mention the name of a fellow minister is like getting a root canal.  I only do it when all other remedies have been exhausted.  We are family.  We are all on the same team.  Christian unity is a witness to a dying world.

So then why did I put out the blog?  I did it to defend Christians who are going to vote for Trump.

Whether Max and Beth intended it or not, their remarks had the effect—I am being delicate and kind here—of questioning Christians who support Trump.

Max openly wondered how any Evangelical could follow Donald.

Beth did the same to Christian men…

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3 comments on “I wrote about Max and Beth to defend Christian Trump supporters

  1. Thank you for posting this. I had not seen any of it and give thanks when God’s people speak the truth. Mr. Trump is not perfect….and, oh!! Neither am I. The Clintons have shown their determination to ..among many other dangerous things… wipe out Christian freedom in America. God have mercy. Blessings, Dawn.

    • Dear Sweet Liz,,
      It certainly has been a long time. I am so glad you dropped by. I rarely blog any more as you can see, but this was so important to me. I pray you are well. Max and Beth both hail from your parts, I think so it must really have had a special effect on you. You close by saying God have mercy. Here is a perfect prayer that my friend, Carrie, gave me. She prays it and now I do,too.
      Mercy for Clinton.
      Mercy for Trump.
      Mercy for the media.
      Mercy for the lying/cheating.
      Mercy for America.
      Mercy for nations across the globe.
      Mercy for the children.
      Mercy for the elderly.
      Mercy for mothers and fathers.
      Mercy for the fearful.
      Mercy for the hungry.
      Mercy for the thirsty.
      Mercy for the naked.
      Mercy for the sick and dying.
      Mercy for the homeless.
      Mercy for the powerless.
      Mercy for the lonely.
      Mercy on those wounded by war.
      Mercy on those who will suffer in whatever lies ahead.
      Mercy on us, your servant sisters. We beg your forgiveness for our daily bliss. We see the times ahead. Show us what to do to stop the suffering of your beloveds. Help us to be encouragers, bringing your word to sufferers through the work of our hands. Help us to comfort the frightened and lonely. Show us how to be your voice and hands in whatever lies ahead. Give us courage and grit to go without and do whatever is necessary so others will be first. Gird our loins Lord and help our Armor comfortable.
      Jesus, we trust in you. Amen

  2. Thank you for this post, Dawn. Sometimes a good path is nearly obscured by weeds and bad overgrowth. Hope you are doing really well, A.

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