The last time I began to blog regularly I had gotten fired from my job. I needed to write my thoughts to get it all sorted out. I was walking my dogs this morning with a broken heart and I realized I should open my blog and type a bit. I think it may help.

I have been reading stories about human trafficking since the early 90’s. I am a firm supporter of International Justice Mission (IJM) and tried to keep up with the latest news from those working in the field. Lately, the news about human trafficking has escalated exponentially and I went to hear a young woman in her late twenties speak about her 2 years being trafficked from ages 8 to 10. She would get off the school bus and immediately go to the park near her apartment. Her mother was at work. One day a man moved into an apartment near the park and began to groom her to deliver sexual favors to clients.

Born2FlyWhat I was hearing and reading was overwhelming. I wanted to do something about it. That is when my sister, who is a church secretary, sent me an e-mail she thought I’d be interested in. The person wanted to bring a sex-trafficking prevention program to teen and elementary-aged girls in our county. My sister was right. I was very interested. I made contact right away and became part of a 5-woman team to set up a Born 2 Fly¬† prevention program in our country.

This was the beginning…