Hate Didn’t Elect Donald Trump; People Did

I am reblogging this because this needs to be read by everyone. It is well thought out and well-written. Tori also leaves links for further perusal. This is quite excellent on all levels. Let me know what you think.

Also, I’d like to add that Trump was not elected by whites males. The while male vote was only up 1% from Romney’s numbers. Black votes were up 5% and Hispanic votes were up 7% from Romney’s numbers. Race played a role but it wasn’t negative. Thank you my sisters and brothers.

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Over the summer, my little sister had a soccer tournament at Bloomsburg University, located in central Pennsylvania. The drive there was about three hours and many of the towns we drove through shocked me. The conditions of these towns were terrible. Houses were falling apart. Bars and restaurants were boarded up. Scrap metal was thrown across front lawns. White, plastic lawn chairs were out on the drooping front porches. There were no malls. No outlets. Most of these small towns did not have a Walmart, only a dollar store and a few run down thrift stores. In almost every town, there was an abandoned factory.

My father, who was driving the car, turned to me and pointed out a Trump sign stuck in a front yard, surrounded by weeds and dead grass. “This is Trump country, Tori,” He said. “These people are desperate, trapped for life in these small towns…

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I wrote about Max and Beth to defend Christian Trump supporters

Mario Murillo speaks for me. I reblog it for you.

Mario Murillo Ministries

I wrote about Max and Beth to defend Christian Trump supporters

By Mario Murillo

As I write you, 50,000 people have read the blog that mentioned Max Lucado and Beth Moore. Today I want to clear the air about why that happened.

For me to mention the name of a fellow minister is like getting a root canal.  I only do it when all other remedies have been exhausted.  We are family.  We are all on the same team.  Christian unity is a witness to a dying world.

So then why did I put out the blog?  I did it to defend Christians who are going to vote for Trump.

Whether Max and Beth intended it or not, their remarks had the effect—I am being delicate and kind here—of questioning Christians who support Trump.

Max openly wondered how any Evangelical could follow Donald.

Beth did the same to Christian men…

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Glory: Light We Cannot See


My husband and I are reading John Owen’s “Overcoming Sin and Temptation” and we were reading a bit in Chapter 12 today about how little mankind can really know God.

Owen writes, “We speak much of God, can talk of Him, His ways, His works, His counsels, all the day long; the truth is, we know very little of Him. Our thoughts, our meditations, our expressions of Him are low, many of them unworthy of His glory, none of them reaching His perfections.” *Owen, p. 111

Moses was said to have seen God, but only His “hind parts” for God said he could not see His glory and live (Exdous 34). What is this glory? God describes Himself as invisible, incomprehensible, immortal, infinite. “Who only has immortality, dwelling in the light which no man can approach unto; whom no man has seen, nor can see.” (I Timothy 6:16).

His light is such as no creature can approach unto. He is not seen, not because He cannot be seen, but because we cannot bear the sight of Him. The light of God, in Whom is no darkness, forbids all access to Him by any creature whatsoever. We who cannot behold the sun in it glory are too weak to bear the beams of infinite brightness. On this consideration, as was said, the wise man professes himself “a very beast, and not to have the understanding of a man” (Prov 30:2)–that is , he knew nothing in comparison of God, so that he seemed to have lost all his understanding when once he came to the consideration of Him, His work, and His ways.   *Owen, p.114.

As I read these words of this 17th century scholar, suddenly it occurred to me that perhaps this is how God is: with me all the time, yet I can’t see Him. He is right beside me, but He is on a spectrum of light outside my ability to see. God made me finite, and, as such, I have eyes that can only see a part of the visual field He created. There are many other wavelengths of light, I just cannot see them. Perhaps that is where He is: on a wavelength I cannot perceive. Why would this be? I can only guess that, once the fall happened, I became damaged goods and my sin nature could not bear the glory: the full spectrum of light where God has His being. He had to keep me from this light to save me. As He said to Moses, “…no one may see me and live.” Exodus 33:20

Instead of coming to me as God, He came to me in a way I could understand. He took on flesh. He became Jesus. He walked on the earth. That I could understand. Love will do this: bend low to capture another. Jesus is now with the Father and both are spirit, but, because of Jesus, I can learn how to walk on this earth as He did. It is Christ in me, the hope of glory. (Colossians 1:27).

*Kapic, K & Taylor, J. Eds. (2006). Overcoming Sin and Temptation by John Owen. Wheaton, IL: Crossway.

Pondering today,





Freedom from prison

I have named this year Freedom. It is becoming increasingly clear why this word came to me on the eve of 2015. I will soon be posting the particulars about a big conference that the women of my church are organizing that has everything to do with freedom. I think it is amazing what the Lord orchestrated us, His daughters in a small country church, to do; but that is a story for another day. Today I am linking to Leslie Leyland Fields’ post. She asked fellow bloggers to link up to her because she felt her message needed a wide audience. I was a bit blind-sided by what I read there. I can’t imagine anyone asking me to do what a woman asked Leslie to do for her, but, nonetheless, I trust Leslie. See what you think.

For freedom,


The Greater Good

gaspricesRuss and I were watching the news last night and the story was about how gas prices are dropping. My husband commented that the Arabs are selling us their oil dirt cheap to try to put American oil out of business so they will have a monopoly. The report showed multiple interviews with domestic oil drillers and refiners who say that they are going under because of the cheap oil coming from the Middle East. Those in the Middle East are taking a temporary loss for an ultimate gain. Why do we not know this in the US? Why do executives in the oil market not buy domestic products even if they cost more so that American business can survive? I know that there will always be a foreign product that can be bought for less, marketed for a lower price and, thereby, mean more profit for the broker. I see it on my corner every day. Citgo will price its gasoline $.02 cheaper than the Sunoco station across the street. Citgo is a Venezuelan company. The Venezuelan dictatorship has purposely told Citgo stations to be the lowest-priced gas in every city across America in order to destroy American entrepreneurship. Why do Americans not understand this and make their purchases based on the greater good?

The “greater good” principle was brought home to me in my Bible study this week, also. I am reading about prayer and how AngelGod answers prayer and I discovered that God seems to use the “greater good” model to answer prayer. In one of the prayers in my First Place 4 Health study guide is the line, “[God”s] will has a greater purpose than what I desire.” Not even God’s son could escape this principle. In the Garden, the night before his crucifixion, He asked the Father “If You are willing, remove this cup from me; nevertheless, not my will, but Yours be done.” He knew His crucifixion meant salvation for the world. He had to die for the greater good. God did not remove his trial, but he did send an angel from heaven to strengthen him (Like 22:43). At any moment, Jesus could have called 10,000 angels to destroy the world and set him free, but he willingly chose the will of the Father for the greater good. The salvation of the world became his desire trumping the desire to escape the personal agony looming before him. When Jesus’ heart and God’s heart were one, personal release became a moot point.

I John 3:21-22 says that “If our heart does not condemn us, we have confidence toward God and whatever we ask, we receive of Him because we keep His commandments and do those things that are pleasing in His sight.” Jesus could do what he did because he put his trust in God’s purposes not in his own desires. God’s purposes are always for the greater good. May we have eyes to see, but trust Him even when we can’t see (which, for me, is most of the time).

The Truth will make us free,


Prayer Magic?


Magic, the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces, is the first definition given by http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/us/definition/american_english/magic. When prayers are said, are we not speaking to a supernatural [and mysterious] being and are we not, many times, asking Him to influence the course of events? Is prayer, therefore, like magic?

IMG_1686I attend a Christian weight loss group every Friday wherein we do a Bible Study, pray, memorize a verse of Scripture, exercise, learn to eat proper portions in a healthy manner, and encourage and weigh-in to be accountable to one another. This week for Bible Study we are focusing on prayer. Yesterday I was struck by a Scripture that I thought I knew well and that comes from my favorite chapter in the Bible, Romans 8:IMG_1682 (NIV) 26″…the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans. 27 And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for God’s people in accordance with the will of God.”

Many come to our group for a certain reason.

“I will do the Bible Study if I have to, but what I really want is to lose weight.”

“I will come, but only because it’s a Bible Study. I’m not really interested in the health stuff.”

“I really need to get out of the house and breathe a little. This looks like a good group for fellowship.”

So, while some are praying for weight loss, some for Bible knowledge, and still others for friendship, all are praying that God will work His magic and they will get what they came for. Those verses from Romans should draw the believer up short. They say that we don’t know what we really need. The Holy Spirit does. “He searches our hearts.” He, also, knows the mind of God for us and it is He who takes our questionable prayers and motivations and intercedes for us “in accordance with the will of God.”

I wonder just what my prayers sound like when the Holy Spirit intercedes for me. Do the requests He takes to God on my behalf resemble anything I originally said? Author and Bible teacher Jennifer Kennedy Dean says, only if the pray-er prays in the will of God:

The purpose of prayer is to release the power of God to accomplish the purpose of God. The purpose of prayer is to discover God’s will, not obligate Him to do mine, to reflect God’s mind, not change it….[Of course] changing my prayer focus from my own satisfaction and happiness to God’s glory and eternal purposes would take a brand new heart.*

I John 5:14,15 “and this is the confidence we have in Him, that, if we ask any thing according to His will, He heareth us; and if we know that he hear us, whatever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of Him.” (KJV) No, it’s not magic. Answered prayer is the result of the heart of the believer. “If the believer delights in the Lord, He will give her the desires of her heart. If she commits her way unto the Lord and trusts in Him, He will bring it to pass.” Psalm 37:4,5

Thanking Jesus for a brand new heart,



*Jennifer Kennedy Dean, Live a Praying Life: Open Your Life to God’s Power and Provision (Birmingham, AL: New Hope Publishers, 2011), p. 30.

The Garden of the Good Shepherd

I almost burned my house down using Ann Voskamp’s Easter to Pentacost wreath with candles to light. This may be the solution that takes me daily to Pentacost. I am a grandma and have grandchildren who may pop in to share it with me. Thanks. I am reblogging to show this to others.

Aslan's Library

Garden of the Good Shepherd The Garden of the Good Shepherd: A Sticker Calendar to Count the 50 Days of Easter
Peter Mazar & Tomie dePaola
Liturgy Training Publications, 2000

I don’t honestly remember when I stumbled across The Garden of the Good Shepherd sticker calendar. It may have been one of those rare moments of Amazon kismet, when they actually recommended something I might want to read. (Does anyone else confuse their magical recommendation machine with their reading/buying/browsing choices? Also, whatever algorithm they use, it’s not very sophisticated when it comes to determining one’s choices in theological kidlit. But that’s another rant.)

Anyhow. Whenever I did stumble across it, I ordered it immediately, and I have been hiding it in my sewing room ever since. And I am so excited to recommend it to you for your family’s Easter celebration.

What precisely is it? And do I promise it’s not cheesy?

Yes. I promise. It’s…

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The Road to the Promised Land

I was reading about the spies whom Moses appointed to scout out the Promised Land. All of the spies reported that the land was a great land flowing with milk and honey, but itJ&K was beyond their ability to capture. They reported that the land was full of giants and that they were too powerful for the Israelites to defeat. All agreed… except Caleb. Caleb said they should go now and take the land. God had promised it to them. Yes, indeed, He had. In Numbers 13:2 God declares, “the land of Canaan I give to the children of Israel”. Caleb believed God and circumstances did not deter him.

In Joshua 1:3-5, Joshua is called to lead the Israelites into the Promised Land:

I will give you every place where you set your foot, as I promised Moses. Your territory will extend from the desert to Lebanon, and from the great river, the Euphrates – all the Hittite country – to the Mediterranean Sea in the west. No one will be able to stand against you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you.

I got to thinking about that as I was relating the story to my life. God said He would give Joshua every place where he set his foot. My goodness, what He has promised me may just be a footstep away! Is it because I fail to “set my foot” on a promise that I do not yet realize it? Must I willingly move in that promise if I am to succeed? The step is a step of faith. In spite of giants, walls, enemies, bad attitudes, I must step. “Without faith it is impossible to please God.” (Hebrews 11:6a) I need not worry what will happen for He promised me, just as He promised Joshua, that “no one would be able to stand against me” and “He would never leave me nor forsake me” (Matthew 28:20).

WorkstationThis afternoon, as I contemplate working the hardest day of the week at my job, I rest in His promises to me. As Sherwood Day said at the funeral of his friend William Whiting Borden (a millionaire who gave up everything to become a missionary), “He felt that life consisted not in the “abundance of things that a man possesseth, but in the abundance of things which possess the man.”* I pray that the holy fire of God grips me, possesses me, consumes me so that no earthly thing deters me from advancing the Kingdom of God throughout the sphere of influence of my office.

Willing for His light to possess me,


*Quote from Warren W. Wiersbe, 50 People Every Christian Should Know, 2009, Baker Books, p. 345.


What a difference a day makes!

The pharoah of Egypt had two terrible dreams. He asked all his wise men and magicians to interpret them, but they could not. Seeing his master’s dismay, pharoah’s cupbearer approaches him and tells him he knows a man who can interpret dreams. “When I was in prision,” said the cupbearer, “a man named Joseph interpreted the dream that told me I would be restored in three days to my duties for your Majesty. He was right. He also predicted the death of your baker. He may be able to interpret for you, too.”

Joseph and the Pharoh

Pharaoh sends to the prison for Joseph. Joseph was falsely accused of rape and was thrown into prision. While there he met the cupbearer and the baker, fellow prisioners. Joseph has been in prison a long time when he is summoned by pharoah.  Joseph interprets the dream. Joseph is promoted to second in command in the land of Egypt. In one moment Joseph’s whole life changed. What a difference a day makes.

Christine Caine, her husband and some friends rented a land rover and went into the wilds of Western Australia. While joyriding they ran off the road and into a river. No oneundaunted knew where they were and they were a long way from civilization, but, worst of all, they were unprepared. They had no provisions, no communication devices and no one knew where they were. Christine describes how she felt after days of walking without food. She said she came to the conclusion she was going to die and she sat down to do so. She felt so hopeless…there was no way out. When she first heard the whirr of the helicopter she thought she was hallucinating, but once safely inside the copter and on her way home, she knew she would make it. From certain death to life…what a difference a day makes.

And Corrie, Corrie ten Boom, who was in the death camps for hiding Jews in Nazi Germany. One day she is in the Ravensbruk, the next she is free.

What a difference a day makes. With the Multitudes on Monday, I am thankful for each one.

#1246 I am thankful for today. I love how God planned things to cycle: day into night, night into day-over and over. I like the steadiness of it. The confidence it gives.

#1247 I am thankful I had no plans for today so that I could rest. The day filled quickly with tasks, but I was able to do them because I had planned to rest.

#1248 I am thankful the air was cool today. When I walked my pup, he was skipping and carefree–no panting.

#1249 I am thankful my sister has a good friend to be with her through a hard time, and that my brother-in-law has finally consented to allow Hospice nurses to come help my sister with his care.

#1250 I am thankful that I have been entrusted to pray for many today…lots of requests came in many forms. It is a privilege to take so many to the throne of grace.

#1251 I am thankful for this ‘counting of fish’. The habit of counting my blessings kept me from crying today when I was interrupted from my rest for what seemed like the hundredth time.

#1252 I am thankful that Kira wants to be baptized by her Pop Pop this Sunday. I found a beautiful cross and put a dove charm on with it for her remembrance of the day.

World Breastfeeding Week#1253 I am thankful to be associated with many women who work to make breastfeeding the cultural norm in America. Aug 1 -7 is Worldwide Breastfeeding Week and I am proud to be a learned and vocal member of the academy for this very foundational health practice. A word about breastfeeding is the Parish Nurse Spot on the back of our church bulletin this Sunday and the local newspaper carried an article written by one of the members of our local breastfeeding coalition about the benefits of breastfeeding to mother and baby.

#1254 I am thankful I found a new family doctor since our old new doctor retired. Please pray this change will bring some fresh ideas to help my husband cope with his debilitating chronic diseases.

#1255 I am thankful that Sebastian, my very old dog, cuddled in my arms today as my husband groomed him. It helped him, blind and deaf, to endure the clippers.

#1256 I am thankful I am sleepy. Some nights I am very tired and cannot fall asleep.

Good night, All! God is with us: in Germany, in America, in Thailand, in Canada, in Belize, in Crete, in wherever you live.


No More Interruptions Thanksgiving


I have prayed that I would no longer have interruptions. I am praying that I will see everything, the planned and the unplanned, as a part of God’s purpose of refining me into the likeness of His Son. I pray that I will jump up and say, “Hallelujah” when I am doing something and someone asks me to do something else or beckons me to stop and go another way, rather than frustrated that I have been circumvented from proceeding directly to my point B. I want to perceive such times as gateways to growth and adventure rather than roadblocks in my way. I think of the times when Jesus was headed a certain way and he was turned another. There were so many miracles in those turnings. I think of the woman with the issue of blood, the raising of Lazarus, and the centurian who asked Him to heal his servant. All of these were not in the plan of the day and neither were the children or the blind man or the man with a withered hand when He went to the synagogue. Jesus merely did the next right thing. That is what I want to do. How many miracles have I missed by not doing so?

This week I am thankful for the instances I had to practice what I am praying for. I am thankful that

#1156 many times each day I have to stop and do something for my little hospice dog. It makes me stop and cuddle, embrace and be with a most faithful friend and give thanks for all he is and has been to me.1025001029

#1157 I no longer cringe when the phone rings. I used to hate to hear the phone ring. Now, not so much. I pick it up and wonder who God has invited into my day.

#1158 I have had opportunities to stop what I am doing  and do what my husband needs me to do right when he asks. I find he is less frustrated and what I was doing gets done more quickly somehow. The rapid response has the added bonus of letting him know he is important and loved.thankful

#1159 I can let people know my needs and then let it be. I find the solutions for many things come from the most unlikely places…IF I don’t try to choreograph everything myself.

#1160 I am learning that life is not an emergency and that some of its biggest ‘interruptions,” relationship break-ups, job losses, personal failure, sickness and financial shortages, can all be gateways to growth.

#1161 helping others get something done when I really don’t have the time to do it lessens the time it takes me to do my tasks. It’s like God rewards my obedience by giving me quick solutions to my own problems. When I truly do what He asks even though it seems it is detrimental to me, He redeems my time. This is amazing to me.

#1162 in a perfect world there is no time. Living in a realm without time is something I look forward to.

#1163 I prepared ahead for a victory breakfast with my Bible Study sisters. I got sick the night before, however, and I couldn’t attend the breakfast. They blessed me beyond measure with a picture of them from the breakfast and a bouquet of flowers to cheer me in my sick bed.


#1164 reading back over my thank you list today I notice that 1158 and 1161 are both about how much easier things are if I just ‘go with the flow.’ It has been an incredible couple of months as I have come to the point of actually living out the realization that unfolded to me over the past year that I must live in the now, doing now what is right in front of me. Reframing my life walk, I am discovering He is walking with me and placing brothers and sisters in my path to pick up any slack along the way as I am obedient to His promptings. He doesn’t need me to complete anything, He only needs me to trust Him.

For thus saith the Lord, the Holy One of Israel: In returning and rest shall you be saved; in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength:…Isaiah 30:15

Trust ye in the Lord forever; for in the Lord God is everlasting strength. Isaiah 26:4

He is with us,